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Elden Ring

There’s an iconic weapon from Dark Souls in Elden Ring – no sword embodies the genre better

Elden Ring was developed by FromSoftware, the makers behind games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Several of the Elden Ring spells, weapons, and armor are reminiscent of the earlier games, and some have been carried over. Of course, one of the most famous weapons should not be missing: the moon lightsaber. But the weapon has been around much longer, for around 27 years. MeinMMO introduces you to its long history.

Update April 15: The article appeared on February 6th before the release of Elden Ring and has now been put back on the site for Easter. Among other things, we introduce you to the new sword.

Which genre do you mean? We’re talking about the so-called “soulslike” genre. The origin lies in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, which have established a huge trend with similar games. These come from FromSoftware and are something of a basis for several subsequent games.

But these two now-acclaimed classics aren’t the studio’s first steps in what was then a non-existent genre. The moonlight saber is a reminder of the early days and can be found in almost every FromSoftware game to this day.

What is this weapon? The moonlight saber is typically a greatsword with a green, ornate blade and a gold hilt. Depending on the variant, it sometimes has a green, slight glow, or it is rather dark.

Almost all variants have one thing in common: the weapon has magical properties and most variants can use magical ranged attacks.

The moonlight saber has appeared in almost every game FromSoftware has made since 1994:

  • King’s Field (1994 – 2001)
  • Armored Core (1997 – Present)
  • Otogi: Myth of Dragons (2002)
  • Demon’s Souls & Demon’s Souls Remake
  • Ninja Blade
  • Dark Souls 1-3
  • Bloodborne
  • And now in 2022 in Elden Ring

Here you can see some different variants in the gallery:

In Ninja Blade and Otogi, the sword’s blade is translucent and slimmer than many other versions. In Bloodborne, it’s a trick weapon, so it can take two forms. In Dark Souls 3, the moonlight saber isn’t found as a real weapon, but as a spell.

In the last game from FromSoftware, Sekiro, there is no actual moon lightsaber, but the dragon boss’ weapon is very reminiscent of the weapon in look and abilities. The Sword of the Dragon uses the same ranged magical attacks as most variations of the weapon.

The moon lightsaber was best known for Dark Souls 1, which celebrated its release in 2011. But this is far from his first appearance.

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Legendary moon lightsaber symbolizes FromSoftware’s beginnings 27 years ago

Why is the sword so important? The moonlight saber made its first appearance in King’s Field. This is the first game that FromSoftware released in 1994, around 27 years ago. The release was on December 16, 1994, two weeks after the launch of the first PlayStation.

King’s Field laid the foundation for what would later become Demon’s Souls as an underdog and later the Dark Souls franchise. Ultimately, a whole genre was established with Dark Souls, which inspired a number of other games in addition to the FromSoftware games.

An entire genre was born that is often described as “soulslike” and is now considered by many to be one of their favorite video game genres.

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What exactly is King’s Field? This is an action RPG, like Dark Souls, with one big difference: it’s played from a first-person perspective.

But otherwise there are many parallels. It relies on a challenging real-time combat system, tells its story by exploring the game world and reading descriptions. In King’s Field you also fight with magic in addition to weapons and consume stamina with every attack and dodge.

The story revolves around the character Jean Alfred Forester who is in search of his missing father. You will learn the background of the Kingdom of Verdite. The realm has suffered badly from black magic in the past and is teeming with danger.

The game was initially only released in Japan and came late to us in the West as a fan adaptation. We know many of the elements today from Dark Souls, Boodborne and Co. But what role did the moonlight saber play in King’s Field?

That’s why it’s so important: The moonlight saber played a central role in the story of the King’s Field games. In all offshoots, the player must find the sword to defeat the antagonist and restore peace. The description even mentions “Seath the White Dragon”. This dragon appears in the story of King’s Field.

Experienced Dark Souls players should also pay attention to the name, because Seath the Scaleless is one of the most important bosses in Dark Souls 1. Because of this history, the moon lightsaber is also a particularly important weapon for the fans, even if they don’t in later games definitely belongs to the most powerful swords.

You can also check out some versions in gameplay here:

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Elden Ring also has its version – The Darkmoon Greatsword

This is what the new variant can do: In Elden Ring, the iconic weapon was given a particularly strong variant. This is the Darkmoon Greatsword. It is one of the legendary weapons.

As usual, the sword mainly relies on the attribute of wisdom, so it’s also one of the weapons used in magic builds. It belongs to the greatsword category, which is also standard for the lunar lightsaber.

In our tier list for all weapons in Elden Ring, the weapon received an S rating. Because the weapon deals high physical and magical damage. But that’s not all.

On top of that, the weapon causes the frost status, which brings a portion of extra damage. In addition, the Ashes of War can inflict a buff that increases Magic and Frost damage.

While the weapon is in this buffed state, heavy attacks now also fire high damage Frost Magic projectiles.

So the sword is a package of physical damage, frost and magic that can be used in both melee and ranged combat. While the weapon is a little predictable in PvP, in PvE the greatsword is one of the best options for magic builds.

RageGamingVideos shows the potential of the weapon and how the buffs can be taken to the extreme:

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A comparison is difficult, but With this version FromSoftware has probably created one of the strongest variants of the moonlight saber. The new skills and the additional frost effect make the weapon even more flexible.

For such an important weapon, it seems only fitting that the moonlight saber is at least powerful in Elden Ring. Whether it’s “cooler” than, for example, the transformable sword from Bloodborne, everyone has to decide for themselves.

But what do you think of the story and the moon lightsaber? What do you think of the latest version of the weapon? Do you maybe even use them yourself?

By the way: We also use the dark moon lightsaber in our build: Elden Ring: The best magician build – How to build your own easy mode


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