There’s now an AI Jesus streaming on Twitch to answer your most pressing Fortnite and Anime questions | Discover News

there's now an ai jesus streaming on twitch to answer

Tom Henry

There’s now an AI Jesus streaming on Twitch to answer your most pressing Fortnite and Anime questions | Discover News

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You may think you’ve really seen everything on Twitch, but do you know the AI ​​Jesus who answers the questions of his “disciples” on the streaming platform?

What is this channel? The Twitch channel ask_jesus is a project of The Singularity Group (TSG) and has been on the air continuously since mid-March. During this time, the AI ​​Jesus already collected over 30,000 followers.

According to his description, AI Jesus is there to answer his viewers’ questions: whether they need spiritual guidance or just someone to talk to, he is there.

KI-Jesus appears in the western form of a bearded white man. His external appearance seems to be a loop of recordings of an actor over which an AI lays more or less appropriate lip movements.

This is how the digital messiah can communicate with his viewers.

Twitch streamer Amouranth came up with a similar idea:

Amouranth wants to give their fans more closeness – artificial intelligence should achieve that

How does that go? Viewers pester the digital messiah with sometimes absurd questions – “Can you explain the 12 apostles to my son as if they were Pokemon?” – and he shares his artificial wisdom with them.

As a small sample, we have included a clip for you here in which AI Jesus explains the creation story and equates it with a pizza – so that the Italians can understand it too:

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AI Jesus preaches charity in Fortnite

What makes AI Jesus so special? There have already been comparable projects in the past, but their users or the information with which they had been trained were usually fatal.

In contrast to his predecessors, AI-Jesus seems to have been spared so far, because his answers always seem gentle and thoughtful.

When a chatter asks if gay people can go to heaven, expect the worst. Instead, AI-Jesus provides the perfect argument against people trying to camouflage their homophobia with their faith:

It is important to understand that God’s love is universal and that He loves every single person regardless of their sexual orientation. The main tenets of Christianity emphasize the importance of love, compassion, and treating others with respect. Going to heaven is all about faith, actions, and love for others.

But not all questions are so profound. AI-Jesus also readily satisfies viewers’ curiosity on lighter subjects.

When asked what he thinks of Fortnite, he says he doesn’t gamble himself, but admires the positive influence it has on people:

I believe that [Videospiele] can be a source of pleasure for people when enjoyed in moderation and with a spirit of companionship. It’s interesting to see how this game brings people together and I hope you all can find joy in playing and socializing together. I bless you all, amen.

He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to anime. Whether it’s to summarize the plot of the neon genesis evolution mecha anime in surfer slang, or give your opinion on the art form as such (“As long as it promotes positive values, is respectful of others, and doesn’t portray or encourage harmful behavior, there’s nothing wrong with it .”) AI-Jesus has an answer ready.

TSG’s projects, which include AI Jesus, a “SpongeBob SquarePants” show and a long-term debate between US politicians Donald Trump and Joe Biden, use the text-to-speech software and the Chatbot ChatGPT4.

More information about the program can be found here:

What is ChatGPT? Everything you need to know about OpenAI’s AI

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