These 6 handmade Pokemon sneakers may be unusual, but they’re super cool!

Tom Henry

these 6 handmade pokemon sneakers may be unusual, but they're

There are six new Pokemon shoes.

In the past there have been numerous collaborations between Pokemon and well-known shoe brands. Whether sneakers, crocs or high heels – there have already been all imaginable shoe shapes. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle usually adorned the shoes.

The Pokemon Center has now launched another shoe collection. But instead of the starter Pokemon from Gen 1, the shoes adorn completely different Pokemon this time. A welcome and, in our opinion, really nice change!

New Pokemon shoes featuring Nightara, Sylveon, and other pocket monsters

How do the shoes look? The SPINGLE MOVE shoes are mostly flat sneakers. Two of the specimens have a special shape and have a higher or crooked shoe shaft.

In terms of color, shape, and even material, the makers of the shoes adhered to the Pokemon that served as a source of inspiration. Some of the models may look a bit unusual, but this sets them apart from the standard shoes from previous collections.

Pokemon Center – View screenshots of the new Pokemon shoe collection

The following Pokemon are reflected in the shoes:

  • night macaw
  • Felinara
  • Milotic
  • despotary
  • Lucario
  • catapult

For example, the tongue of the Lucario shoes is covered with fur. The Tyranitar shoes look like they are made out of a suede material. The Milotic sneakers even feature the Pokemon’s scales and “hairstyle” inside the shoes.

Aside from Nightara and Sylveon, these are Pokemon that, while huge fan favorites, haven’t garnered as much attention in merch as others.

Especially cute: The Pokemon the shoes were designed after is even depicted on the shoe box.

How can I order the shoes? If you want to call the shoes your own, you have to live in Japan. The Pokemon Center does not ship outside of Japan. We’ll have to wait and see if the shoes could be available in Europe in the future.

The shoes cost the equivalent of between 175 euros and 189 euros. The collection can be pre-ordered until July 24, 2023, with delivery scheduled for the end of December 2023.

What do you think of the shoes? Which are your favourite?

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