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These AOC gaming headphones are at a minimum price

The AOC GH200 are good, nice and cheap headphones.

Multiplatform and with a detachable microphone: these AOC gaming headphones are at a minimum price

AOC is a brand that has several very extensive product lines between AOC Gaming, Agon and Agon Pro. We can find monitors, mice, headphones, keyboard mats and monitor arms. Well, this time we have to talk about the AOC GH200 headphones. On Amazon they usually have a recommended price of 42.90 euros, but now they are much cheaperalbeit for a limited time.

These headphones are multi-platform and work on PC, console and mobile. Here has a lot to do with 3.5 millimeter jack. Of course, even if they are gaming, do not expect RGB lighting. On the other hand, at the desEsports Extraslevel they are very elegant, comfortable and do not weigh much. About the latter, we are talking about 326.5 grams.

AOC GH200 Headphones

Get the AOC GH200 headphones 47% cheaper on Amazon

To have good gaming headphones you don’t always have to go to the high range, in the medium and low range we can find very interesting things. For example, COCs GH200. these headphones They have 50-millimeter diaphragms that are covered in synthetic leather with viscoelastic so you can play comfortably for many hours at a time. In turn, on the sides there is a metal mesh that serves to protect them. As for the headband, it is also padded and adjustable.

AOC GH200 gaming headset

The AOC GH200 headphones have a flexible microphone that records omnidirectionally

The microphone is a very important part of the headset when we play online games with our friends. Here the AOC GH200 have a flexible and omnidirectional one that picks up sound from any direction. It is quite sensitive and according to AOC the frequency range is set to only record your voice in full quality and ignoring background noise.

AOC GH200 Gaming Headset

These headphones have large diaphragms

AOC GH200 Headphones

If you need a gaming headset and you are looking for something cheap, then you cannot miss this offer. Now you can buy the AOC GH200 for only 22.67 euros on Amazon (47% discount). If we take into account that before they had a price of 42.90 euros, you are saving 20.23 euros. However, the discount may vary throughout the day.

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