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These are all the confirmed stars of WWE 2K23 so far

WWE 2K23 It was already recently announced and 2K is slowly starting to reveal all the stars included in this year’s game. It’s apparently an impressive roster when all is said and done, filled with WWE legends, current stars, and celebrities. While we’re still waiting for more reveals, the recent gameplay trailer gave us a slew of new names to list, and initial screenshots and other things like Icon Edition details gave us even more. Then there’s the Bad Bunny pre-order bonus and the recent reveal of Cody Rhodes adding yet more names.

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The Icon Edition description also gave us some alternate versions of previously revealed Superstars, and then there are the multiple versions of John Cena. Cena is this year’s cover star and the focus of this year’s 2K Showcase as well, so there will be a whole host of different versions of Cena that you can probably unlock as you progress through the mode.

Bad Bunny will also be making his WWE 2K debut, and Logan Paul will appear in this year’s game, albeit this time as a WWE Superstar since signing with the company last year. Rhodes will also be in this year’s game, and while he was the most requested addition to WWE 2K22, his appearance at WrestleMania 38 pretty much put him out of the running for inclusion in last year’s game.

  1. AJ Styles
  2. Dawn Fyre
  3. Alexa Bliss
  4. Asuka
  5. austin theory
  6. Axiom
  7. Bad Bunny
  8. Cambric
  9. Batista (Leviathan) – Icon Edition
  10. bayley
  11. Becky Lynch
  12. Bianca Belair
  13. Bobby Lashley
  14. Bret Hart
  15. Brock Lesnar
  16. Brock Lesnar (2002) – Icon Edition
  17. Bron Breaker
  18. charlotte flair
  19. cyna
  20. cody rhodes
  21. heart jade
  22. bull cross
  23. damian priest
  24. Drew McIntyre
  25. edge
  26. finn balor
  27. Goldberg
  28. Happy Corbin
  29. hollywood hogan
  30. hulk hogan
  31. Jey Uso
  32. Jimmy Uso
  33. John Cena
  34. John Cena (2002)
  35. John Cena (2006)
  36. John Cena (Prototype) – Icon Edition
  37. johnny gargano
  38. kevin owens
  39. kofi kingston
  40. Kurt Angle
  41. Liv Morgan
  42. Logan Paul
  43. Paul Heyman (Manager)
  44. Randy Orton
  45. Randy Orton (2002) – Icon Edition
  46. Randy Savage
  47. Mistery King
  48. rhea ripley
  49. rob van dam
  50. Roman Reigns
  51. Ronda Rousey
  52. sami zayn
  53. Seth “Freaking” Rollins
  54. shawn michaels
  55. Shayna Baszler
  56. Sheamus
  57. shotzi
  58. Steve Austin
  59. The Miz
  60. The Rock
  61. Tommaso Ciampa
  62. Triple H
  63. trish stratus
  64. Ultimate Warrior
  65. undertaker
  66. Wes Lee
  67. Xavier Woods

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