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These are the 5 games leaving Game Pass this weekend – Xbox

these are the 5 games leaving game pass this weekend

These are the 5 games leaving Game Pass this weekend
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In USA there is a horny phrase that says: “The chickens that come in through the ones that come out“, and it serves to perfectly illustrate the Game Pass model. And it is that although new games are entering the service every so often, a few others are leaving as well. Go that not all games are fixed; in fact, only those from Xbox Game Studios stick around forever.

On April 30th we will lose 5 of them, so there are only a few days left to enjoy them. Among them are Destroy All Humans! and Tetris Effect: Connected.

Take advantage of the 20% offer when they leave the service

All of these games will be discounted by at least 20% in the coming days, and some of them are even more discounted right now, like Destroy All Humans!, which is now just €13.99. So take the opportunity to play them before it’s too late. These are the games that are leaving the service:

  • Bugsnax – (PC, Console and Cloud).
  • Destroy All Humans! – (PC, Console and Cloud).
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 – (PC, Console and Cloud).
  • Tetris Effect: Connected – (PC and Console).
  • Unsouled – (PC, Console and Cloud).

If you want to get Game Pass Ultimate at the best price, you can buy it at Gamivo with a 55% discount on the final price.

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