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These are the 7 games leaving Xbox Game Pass today – Xbox

These are the 7 games leaving Xbox Game Pass today

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One month we have to say goodbye to some games that have been on the Game Pass service. In case you are new to this and you don’t know it, Microsoft introduces new titles almost every two weeks, but at the same time other they are leaving to make way for the new ones. Only Xbox-exclusive games remain permanently on the service.

So today no less than 7 games say goodbye, including Power Rangers, which seemed like a great game to me when I played it not long ago. Luckily my partner Adrián has been advancing which will be the next ones that will arrive in the month of April, among the chosen ones are Minecraft Legends or The Las Case of Benedith Fox.

Games leaving Game Pass on March 31

But going back to the topic at hand, because you have entered here to find out what games are leaving. I leave you the list below, remember that if you are interested in any of them, You still have time to try it and enjoy the 20% discount starting tomorrow additional that they will have active for a few weeks.

  • To Memory Blue.
  • Chinatown Detective Agency.
  • Clustertruck.
  • Double Dragon Neon.
  • Kraken Academy!!
  • MLB The Show 22.
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

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