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These are the best Fairy-type Pokemon

Discover the Pokemon that you must have in your Pokemon teams.

These are the best Fairy-type Pokemon
Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon Gardevoir

For years we could see how Pokemon were classified into 17 different types, so the last time they were added new types before the sixth generation it was in the second with Sinister and Steel, these being directed precisely at stop psychic type and its peak in the first games of the franchise. And under this same logic, we could see that in the sixth generation the same was done for stop the dragonswhich were practically invincible.


That is why the Fairy type came to put a stop to them, since from Pokemon X / Y it was no longer so safe to use attacks like Anger in fear of losing a turn because these Pokemon were immune to the aforementioned type. However, while it is true that they arrived last, the truth is that the fairy type is one of the bestwhich allows us to see how some pokemon stand out more than others.

The Fairy type was included in Pokemon with the sixth generation.

Under this same premise we have elaborated the top five of the best Fairy-type Pokemonbeing so that in this we are going to exclude Legendary, Mythical, Ultra Beast, and Paradox Form Pokemon, since, otherwise, we would see how these Pokemon are what would make up this top almost exclusively. Of course, it must be said that, despite everything, they have been left out of the same Zacian, Xerneas, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, Diancie, Grittail, Fluttermane, Ferropaladin, and Magearna.

On the other hand, the choice of the members of this top has not been easy at all, since there are very good Pokemon that could have entered, but have ended up being left out, so you will not see any of them next. Florges, Dachsbun, Galar Weezing, Gardevoir, Primarina, Grimmsnarl, Alolan Ninetales, Azumarill ni Clefable. Having said all this, it is time to continue reading to discover what are the best fairy type pokemon:

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Pokemon Togekiss

Togekiss has a cheerful appearance.

A quite well-known Pokemon, since it was present in the top that corresponded to the best Flying-type Pokemon, being that way Togekiss has gotten better over the yearsstarting with the fact that the Normal type was put aside for the Fairy type in the sixth generation, this being a change that suited him perfectly in order to face the Fighting types with more control.


However, it must be said that its type is just one more addition to which it takes several resistances and an immunity, since what this Pokemon really does to stand out is make use of his Bliss Ability, which allows him to double the secondary effects of moves that have them. To give examples of this, Air Slash can Frighten the opponent with a 60% chance instead of the usual 30%.

If we add to this the fact that It has Machination and Respite To boost its attacks or last longer, we have a Pokemon that with nothing that has Speed, either due to Tailwind or Dynamax, can destroy everything. In fact, it’s so good that Flamethrower and Aural Sphere They are two attacks that it usually has to deal with Rock and Steel type Pokemon that can make the fight uphill for it.



Tinkaton is one of the new Fairy-type additions in the ninth generation


One of the new additions of the ninth generation and which also has some amazing stats that manage to make Tinkaton a Pokemon that, although it is not one of the fastest in the game, will attack before many well-known ones. And this is where it comes into play amazing move set that make you stand out.

For starters, it has Colossal Hammer, a move of 150 power and 100 precision whose only negative effect is that it cannot be used twice in a row. However, if there is a Protection involved, we have a Pokemon that can destroy himself. Also, it is not that it is limited only to this one, since it has Surprise, Disarm and Carrantoña.

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However, one of the things that makes him stand out the most is his incredible combination of types, since Steel / Fairy only has two weaknesses, Fire and Ground, which, although they can be common, make this Pokemon a very defensive one with up to 2 immunities and numerous resistances. We’ll see how the performance is.


Mawile is a pokemon

Mawile in the Pokemon anime

And from one Steel / Fairy Pokemon we went to another, being so Mawile was the queen of the sixth generation along with Kangaskhan, since, in order to revitalize this Pokemon, Game Freak blessed it with the light of Mega Evolution, thereby causing us to obtain one of the best pokemon ever after not shining anything from its origins.


To begin with, everything good that we have said about Tinkaton regarding the combination of types also applies to Mawile, this being a Pokemon that can be taken to the battlefield without too much risk. However, it is when he makes use of Mega Evolution that Mawile shines by its own lightwhich is how it goes from having Intimidation (which is quite useful to begin with) to Potency, thus achieving that his attack doubles.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Mawile came to have one of the highest Attacks in the entire game when it activates its Mega Evolution, but the truth is that it was, thus giving rise to various teams having to prepare to face them. In fact, even its low Speed ​​wasn’t a problem, as Trick Room or Cheap Punch helped it attack before the opponent.


Capture of a scene from Pokemon where Mimikyu appears

Mimikyu is one of the most famous Pokemon


Another veteran who has already come out on top with the best Ghost-type Pokemon, while this Pokemon has a unique abilitybeing this Disguise, which allows you to have a kind of Substitute on the field that will receive the first impact, so you can take advantage of this turn to use Sword Dance and thus increase your Attack.

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And it doesn’t stop there, because even if the opponent is faster, with this Sword Dance he can take advantage of Vile Shadow, a priority STAB move that despite its 40 power, can do quite a bit of damage combined with a Life Orb. And all this without mentioning that it can learn Mazazo and Carrantoña, among other movements.


Of course, if we did not have enough with this, Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type., which makes it one of the Pokemon with the highest immunities, since to the resistances of both types we must add that the movements of the Dragon, Normal and Fighting types do nothing to it. In other words, Mimikyu will not take damage with 1/6 of the type tablethis being a percentage that, despite seeming low, is quite good.


pokemon sylveon

Sylveon is the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee.

There could only be one king, so after seeing it in the top of the best evolutions of Eevee, the turn has come to talk about Sylveon as the best Fairy-type Pokemonthis being something that has been earned on its own merits and that has been increased in this last ninth generation.


And all this is because with Teracrystallization the fairy type is not so good anymore, since many Dragons choose to go to the Steel or Fire type to be resistant, being able to attack them without impunity. This has caused Fairy-types to fall out of use, but this has not happened with Sylveonsince this Pokemon has quite a few arsenals.

To begin with, we can see that Wish, Loud Voice, Peace of Mind, Haunted Flame among other movements are the most characteristic, achieving with this that you can make use of Faerie Skin to boost your Big Voice, attacking both rivals. And if he manages to increase his Attack and Special Defense, it won’t be so easy to get him out of the way anymore. By far, and with many merits, best fairy type pokemon It is the first to be shown to the public.

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