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These are the best Ground-type Pokemon

Discover which are the Ground-type Pokemon that dominate the competitive.

These are the best Ground-type Pokemon
Krookodile is a Ground/Dark type Pokemon.

Throughout these months, mention has been made of the potential in the competitive of many Pokemon that have been arriving over the generations, but at this point it is more than obvious that most players know that one of the most common strategies is Earthquake for allbeing that this movement is one of the great insignia of the Game Freak franchise.


Given this, it must be said that this movement does not come alone, since its origin is found in ground type pokemona group of Pokemon that, in a sense, had a high status at the beginning of the franchise, since, after all, Giovanni, head of Team Rocket and the eighth gym leader of Kanto, specialized in this type , which is ironic, since we are about to tell you about best ground type pokemon and there are none of the first generation.

Ground-type Pokemon are very popular due to their enormous competitive potential.

Under this same premise it must be said that the Earth type has very strong limbs, being so, as you can see, the vast majority of the Pokemon that have entered this top 5 have been part of the tops of some generations. Of course, first of all, we must talk about discards, thereby giving rise to neither Legendaries nor paradox forms will enterwhich is a shame because, to be clear, Landorus and Groudon would be the first two.

Likewise, it must be said that other great Pokemon of this type have been left out, these being the cases of Golem, Rhyperior, Krookodile, Flygon, Dugtrio, among many others who, despite being good, do not have enough potential to enter the top. Having said all of the above, it is time to discover what are the best ground type pokemon:

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Gliscor is a Ground/Flying Pokemon.

Gliscor in the Pokemon anime

I already anticipate that the fourth generation is going to be very present in this top, being so Gliscor is the one that initiates it thanks to the fact that it is a highly defensive Pokemon and with a brutal Attack, allowing this Pokemon, despite its vampiric or Poison-type appearance, to be one of best ground type pokemonbeing its complete disappearance from the competitive plane on Nintendo Switch (it is not scheduled for the eighth or ninth generation), which has made it lose relevance.


In any case, it must be said that in itself Gliscor has very good statisticsthese are reinforced thanks to the fact that it has one of the best skillsthereby giving rise to the combination of Antidote and Toxisphere allowing recover health when poisoned, this being something that gives him a double advantage, since it also prevents him from being paralyzed, burned or frozen. If you add to this the fact that you can learn Substitute, Respite and Toxic we have a perfect Pokemon to wear down. And if this was not enough, earthquake for all.


gastrodon pokemon

Gastrodon in the Pokemon anime

We are not going very far, since although Gastrodon has featured As one of the best Pokemon of the eighth generation, it is not for less to say that its potential was already seen long before and even in the current games of the franchise, while, as we will also see with the following post, has one of the best type combinations that exist, being weak only to the Grass type.


And despite this, Gastrodon can respond to these with Ice Beam. at the same time that access to movements such as Toxic, Living Earth, Scald, Recovery, among many others do a defensive Pokemon that attacks quite well. But despite everything, once again Skill makes the difference, since Collector not only makes him immune to Water type, but also increases its Special Attack every time it receives a move of this type. In this way, he becomes the perfect partner to use Surf with, since we will continuously boost him.

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swampert pokemon

Swampert is one of the best Water-type Pokemon


It was clear that the second best Pokemon of the third generation and one of the best starter pokemon of all time should be here, since Swampert has been characterized by that fantastic combination of type that can answer for the physical and special side to the Grass-types that make him fearful, since he is capable of learning either Ice Punch or the iconic Ice Beam.

However, Swampert’s advantage is seen in the enormous variety of movements that he is capable of learning, especially on the physical side, making him his Waterfall and Earthquake make opponents tremble terrified to see it. And all this without even mentioning its Mega Evolution, this being one of the best that came with the remakes of the third generation and that gave this Pokemon the Swift Swim skillwhich made his Speed, his only relatively low stat, no longer a problem in the rain.


These are the best Ground-type Pokemon

Excadrill is one of the best Pokemon of the fifth generation


Now entering the elite, once again we see that we are facing a creature that has managed to enter a generational top, while in this case it goes much further, since Excadrill is the best Pokemon of the fifth generation, giving rise to This is because there have been many who have seen how this mole was killing entire teams by himselfthus giving rise to Arena Impetus combined with the weather of the Sandstorm to give it an abysmal speed.

To this we must add the fact that it is capable of learning a wide variety of movements, being able to attack using the STAB (bonus for using movements of the same type) with Earthquake and Iron Head, while having more coverage and even pushing back both rivals in double combat is able to use Avalanche, which can be devastating if Sword Dance is used. And if all this wasn’t enough, Excadrill meets Quick Turnwhich allows him to remove traps from the field (and set them up with Trap Rock), being immune to Toxic Spikes, and increasing his Speed ​​so he doesn’t depend on the weather.

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Garchomp is a Pokemon with a very high attack

Mega Garchomp in the Pokemon anime

In this case we are at a top in which it was more than obvious that Garchomp was going to take first placebeing that this Pokemon is not only the best Pokemon of the fourth generation and the symbol of its champion of the games, but also, It is one of the best pokemon of all time.whereas the only reason why it doesn’t learn Dragon Dance is because an increase in its Speed ​​could completely break the game, deciding the battle in that same turn.

And while it is true that it is 4x weak to ice, there is no denying that Garchomp is still a wonderbeing this a Pokemon capable of learning several powerful movements such as Anger, Draco’s Comet, Earthquake, Sharp Rock, Avalanche, Crush, elemental fangs, among many others, which give enough coverage to its incredible Physical Attack, which makes a Sword Dance might not increase his Speed, but if he’s the fastest on the battlefield, there’s nothing you can do against him.


Likewise, despite having a Mega Evolution that is among the most popular, the truth is that it is not normally used because it doesn’t get as much out of Garchompwhich is so good on its own that it leaves its own transformation in diapers, this being something that completely defines this Pokemon and the reason why it stands as best ground type pokemon of all time.

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