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These are the best NVIDIA and AMD GPUs with the latest discounts

The new generation of graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD arrived in stores a few months ago and we are still waiting for both of them to launch their mid-range models. So far we’ve already seen the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and RTX 4070 Ti from the green team, while AMD only has the RX 7900 XTX and XT. If our budget for a GPU does not exceed 1,000 euros, we have to go to graphics from a couple of years ago. Seeing how expensive everything is, it’s time to analyze how the NVIDIA and AMD GPU prices to see which one best performance/price offers us.

When NVIDIA launched its RTX 4090 we could already see that these were the most powerful graphics by far, but they came at a high price. The RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 Ti improved the power/euro ratio, but they are still so expensive that most gamers have to go to see the prices of the RTX 30. It is not that the latter have received interesting discounts in our country, but in USA they enjoyed big price cuts. This is where we saw real bargains, like the RTX 3080 at $419.99the RTX 3070 for $299.99 wave RTX 3090 Ti for $879. If we had these prices in USA in euros, we would already know which graphics to recommend for purchase.

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What are the best NVIDIA and AMD GPUs for gaming?

NVIDIA AMD GPU prices discounts USA

Taking into account the latest price discounts that Americans have received, here is a graph that summarizes what the Most cost-effective NVIDIA and AMD GPUs for gaming. Using 6 games at 4K and medium graphics, we see that the best GPU is the RTX 3080 with the discount of 420 dollarssince it gets 90 FPS and $4.67/FPS. Close to it we have the AMD RX 6700 XT that for 350 dollars gives us 65FPS and $5.38/FPS and right next to it we have the RX 6650XT by 265 dollars, 49FPS and 5.41/FPS.

As we can see, except for that discount in the price of the RTX 4080, we don’t see any trace of an NVIDIA GPU in the top ranks, everything is dominated by AMD. We have to go down to number 9 to find another NVIDIA, the popular RTX 3060 that is sold for 300 dollars and provides us 48FPS and $6.25/FPS. Right behind it we have the RTX 3060 Ti that offers a power / price ratio slightly below and up to $720 RTX 3080 Ti we never find a “bargain” from NVIDIA again.

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What does call our attention is to see the first high-end GPU of a new generation, the RX 7900 XT by 850 dollars and $7.20/FPS. This is more profitable than the RX 7900 XTX ($7.39/FPS) and the RTX 4070Ti from NVIDIA by $7.52/FPS.

In February there have been reductions in AMD and NVIDIA, but not very significant

NVIDIA AMD prices February

In the US it is much more profitable to buy hardware, they receive offers very occasionally and the prices are more affordable compared to Europe. Now that the holiday sales are over and there are no new GPUs, we are once again seeing some discounts on older models. And, unfortunately, the new generation of graphics still has an MSRP that is not met, since the official price tends to go up and they are almost never available at the same launch cost. Focusing on models of the past generation, we find that the RTX 3070Ti is the one that has reduced its price the most at NVIDIA, going from $650 to $620a fall of 5% in a month.

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Along with this, we have RTX 3070 what has happened from $570 to $545going down a 4% from January to February and finally, a small reduction of 10 dollars (3%) for the RTX 3060Ti. As we can see, buying a mid-range NVIDIA GPU from a few years ago is still expensive even in the US Now if we go to AMD, we have small discounts led by the RX 6500XT that falls a 6% until the 150 dollarsthe RX 6650XT that goes down to 265 dollars and the RX 6700XT what does it cost 350 dollars.

Even the RX 6800 a high-end of the last generation drops slightly to the $480. Here we can see why AMD is a more cost-effective GPU option than NVIDIA, considering performance/price and as long as we want to sacrifice DLSS and Ray Tracing.


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