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These are the first Wi-Fi 7 adapters

these are the first wi fi 7 adapters

Those of us who have been around computers for a while have been able to see first-hand how much Internet speed has changed. In those days where a router was used that did not even let us load entire images to what we have now, it is like comparing day and night. The same can be said about the wireless connection with the Wi-Fi 7 which is the most modern standard and will soon arrive Intel chipsets and adapters throughout this year.

The ability to download programs, multimedia content or games hundreds of GB in a matter of minutes It is a clear example of how much we have come. Before, the most we had, at least in USA, was the connection ADSL, with which even using Ethernet cables we could not have a speed remotely similar to what we have now. Even worse was Wi-Fi, where its first versions did not offer us much speed or stability.

Intel launches its first Wi-Fi 7 adapters: the Intel BE200 and BE202

Intel Wi-Fi BE200

Many of us will remember how bad Wi-Fi could be on old laptops, PCs or smartphones. We had a contracted Internet speed and we knew that it was going to take a huge hit if we chose not to use cable. Although the speed was noticeably lower, what bothered us most was the fact that theLatency varied a lot, we could suddenly have a huge ping and soon not. They were not very stable connections and as soon as we lost some signal, we could say goodbye.


Luckily, although this sometimes still happens, with current Wi-Fi 7 and Internet speed, it is a much improved experience. Intel has already presented the Wi-Fi 7 specifications in August, but now the first dedicated adapters and chipsets are arriving to take advantage of this technology. At the moment, it is known that there are two adapters Wi-Fi 7 M.2 2230 called Intel BE200 and Intel BE202.

The BE200 will be implemented on the Esports ExtrasBYTE AORUS AZ790 MASTER

Wi-Fi 7 evolution

Both adapters are compatible with TX/RX 2×2 and the bands 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz. The Intel BE200 it’s compatible with Bluetooth 5.3 and reaches a maximum speed of 5 Gbit/sso it is quite below Wi-Fi capabilities 7. Intel admits that the BE200 has an old certification, so we could see an improvement with the BE202 and future Wi-FI 7 adapters arriving this year. Regarding the BE202 and looking at the official specifications, we do not find any mention of its maximum speed.

Now, the Intel BE200 will be used soon, since it will be used by the Esports ExtrasBYTE AORUS AZ790 MASTER revision 1.2. If we buy another version like the 1.0we will continue to have Wi-Fi 7 with Qualcomm QCNCM865. On the other hand, the version 1.1 add the MT7927 and RZ738 from MediaTek. Wi-Fi 7 theoretically allows us to reach 40 Gbps, being 4 times faster than Wi-Fi 6E. We will see this later when more Intel adapters and chipsets appear that would take full advantage of it.


The good thing about this is that both the BE200 and the BE202 can be purchased independently, something that is common with Intel adapters. Thus, it will not be necessary to purchase said motherboard, since they can be installed on any other compatible motherboard. Of course, there has not yet been a certification of this standard, as it is expected to be for 2025 when the IEEE approval and adopt the specification 802.11be. Even so, Intel is already accelerating the process and the first adapters compatible with Wi-Fi 7 are being seen. Even so, we will have to wait until 2024 for us to see the market settle more towards this new wireless connection standard.

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