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As it happens at the beginning of each weekend, Microsoft has published what will be the games coming to Xbox in the next 7 days, specifically between Monday, February 20 and Friday, February 24. After last week was marked by the launch of Wild Hearts, this week is coming strong for Xbox users.

The announcement has been made through a publication on Xbox Wire, where it has confirmed the games coming to Xbox in just a few days. As usual in recent weeks, most of the games that will reach Microsoft consoles will be independent titles, but the presence of releases as powerful as Atomic Heart either Like a Dragon Ishin!

Games coming to Xbox the week of February 20-24

Akka Arrh – February 21

A cascade of words, colors, shapes, and sounds flows around your turret as you desperately fight off the swarms that threaten your territory.

Atomic Heart – February 21

In a crazy and sublime utopian world, engage in explosive encounters, adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to accomplish your mission. Available on cloud, console, PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! – February 21st

Take up the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma and venture into Kyoto to find your father’s killer, clear yourself of a framed murder, and restore your honor. You can now read our complete analysis.

Remoteness – February 21

You wake up after what seemed like a terrible nightmare, but it’s not. The only option left for you is to grab your crossbow to fight, explore, survive and escape from this hell.

Animal Lover – February 22

The forces of evil have turned these five time-displaced boys into animals. You have to help heal them and maybe even fall in love along the way.

These are the games coming to Xbox in the week of February 20-24 53Arcadia Fallen – February 22

RPG visual novel in which your choices shape the personality of your character. He plays the role of a young alchemist apprentice who is reluctantly bound to an illegal spirit.

Intruders: Hide and Seek – February 22

A first person stealth game that offers intense psychological terror from the point of view of a helpless child. You will have to find a way to save your family while you discover who the attackers are and what they want.

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These are the games coming to Xbox in the week of February 20-24 54sCATch: The Painter Cat – February 22

A puzzle game where the goal is to find the exit after painting all the walls of the maze using the correct combination of colors.

Webgeon Speedrun Edition – February 22

As a spider, you’ll need to be careful to solve all the challenging puzzles as quickly as possible, as each level gets progressively more difficult.

These are the games coming to Xbox in the week of February 20-24 56Blood Bowl 3 – 23 of February

Take control of a team from one of 12 factions, each with their own unique characteristics, and hinder your opponents’ progress by positioning your players wisely.

Catan: Console Edition 23 of February

Acquire resources, master new strategies, and build your settlements on a board that comes to life. Challenge your friends in your living room or play against a smart and dynamic AI to become the winner.

frog hop 23 of February

A cute and quirky classic adventure platform game with a frog named Hoppy who is looking for his friend Jumpy. Swing and launch your way through levels with your tongue skills with a wide variety of tricks, enemies and obstacles.

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midnight is lost 23 of February

Midnight is Lost gives you a unique and challenging experience that has to be solved in reverse, so be ready to challenge your brain.

These are the games coming to Xbox in the week of February 20-24 57Planet Cube: Edge 23 of February

Run, gun and jump your way through an underwater science complex, mustering firepower to catch mysterious assailants by surprise.

Remorse: The List 23 of February

Classic survival horror game, with an open world, inventory and combat. Explore the dark and creepy suburbs of Hidegpuszta and find out what secrets are hidden within.

Lyfe+ Loot Box February 24th

A “metroidvania” with high skill movement as the core of the game. Save your species by exploring a desolate and interconnected world riddled with obstacles and platforms.

SimAirport February 24th

You control everything from cruising altitude decisions to the smallest details at ground level. Challenge yourself to create an efficient and profitable international hub in Career mode or create an artistic masterpiece in Sandbox mode.

These are the games coming to Xbox in the week of February 20-24 58