These are the Games with Gold for February 2023

Xbox has announced through its official blog which will be the games that subscribers of xbox live gold (and therefore Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) will be able to obtain throughout the month of February. It is, as usual, a selection of two video games that will be unlocked to claim for free. during februarybeing accessible as long as we keep the subscription to the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One service active.

We remind you that as of October last year Xbox 360 games are no longer included in the selection of Games with Gold, a decision that the company announced at the beginning of July 2022 and that became effective in the selection of a few months ago. That is why the subscribers of this service will be able to obtain two free games this month are as follows:

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Are the December 2022 Games with Gold worth it?

for the king is a strategy and tactical role-playing game that introduces elements roguelike to favor a game of your own in each attempt: it can be played alone or in local cooperative and on-lineand bases its plot on a revolution started by the assassination of a king. Guts ‘N Goals is an arcade soccer game in which the rules of the king of sports are twisted to offer meaningless matches in which teams made up of soccer players face off to choose from among more than 30 heroes with unique abilities.

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These two video games are valued at 39.98 in the USAXbox Store. In addition, all your achievements can provide us with a total of 2000 points in Gamescore. It should be remembered that there is still a free game available from the January 2023 Games with Gold selection: it is autonauts (19.99), which can be obtained at zero cost until next January 15.

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What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is a game service on-line which, among its many advantages, offers us a monthly selection of titles at zero cost: we can add them to our libraries if we are members of the program and they will stay there forever, unless we stop paying the monthly fee. In that case they will not be accessible, but we will be able to play them again if we resume the subscription. Its monthly price in USA is 6.99 ; This service is integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate payment, whose price is 12.99 per month.