These are the iGPUs that will give life to the AMD Ryzen 8000 APUs

Tom Henry

these are the igpus that will give life to the

Although we must wait for 2024 to have access to the AMD Ryzen 8000 APUs, the chips are already advanced enough for the driver code to include references. Well, through data mining in the files for Linux it has been possible to discover new data about Strix Halo and Strix Point or at least, with respect to their integrated GPUsknown for now as GX1150 and GFX1151.

Through a look at the source code for Linux, which is always open source, it has been possible to obtain new information on the integrated GPUs of future Ryzen 8000 APUs. It is evident that these will be based on the new Zen architecture 5 for CPU cores. On the other hand, for the integrated graphics, use will be made of the graphic architecture RDNA 3.5and who have been baptized as GFX1150 and GFX1151. This indicates that, despite sharing architecture, the graphic configuration of both chips is disparate in terms of the number of cores.

GFX1150 and GFX1151 will be the models of the integrated GPU in Strix Point and Strix Halo

GFX1150 GFX1151 Strix Point Halo APU Ryzen 8000

The leaked information, which has been obtained from the source code for the LLVM 17 compilergives us the following additional information about Ryzen 8000 APUs.

  • On the one hand we have the family Strix Pointwith a configuration up to 12 cores and a TDP between the 15W to the 45W Which tells us that it was launched for the so-called ultra-thin gaming laptops. This translates into a high autonomy, and a small thermal impact, which allows a compact cooling system to be used to create laptops of this type.
  • The second chip, on the other hand, is called Strix Halo either starlakand it is a high-end laptop APU whose CPU configuration is up to 16 cores. As for his TDP, he moves between the 25W and the 120W. So AMD could be betting on a high-performance gaming solution on a single chip.

Regarding the number of nuclei of the GFX1150 GPU and GFX1151, for now are unknown, as are their clock speeds. However, we must remember the rumors that point to a configuration of 16 Compute Units for Strix Point (1,024 Stream Processors) and 40 Compute Units for Strix Halo (2,560 Stream Processors). If this information is finally confirmed by AMD, then it is very likely that Strix Halo will end up having an integrated graphics card with even better performance than a Radeon RX 7600 XT.

What do we know about Ryzen 8000 APUs to date?


If there are no surprises involved, APUs AMD Ryzen 8000 for laptops will offer up to 12 Zen 5 cores along with 24 processing threads in the Strix family, with a monolithic design. On the other hand, the platform Strix Halotaking advantage of the chiplet design, would come to offer a total of 16 cores and 32 threads processing.

Obviously, the strong point of these APUs will be these GX1150 and GFX1151 graphics. Not only for using the RDNA 3.5 architecture, but for the notable increase in the number of nuclei that they will offer This will not only allow the extra cost of resorting to a dedicated graphics card for a basic computer with which to play a wide variety of games, but the most interesting thing will be to see a new generation of portable consoles with a breakthrough in terms of GPU performance.

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