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These bugs are so good you’ll want them to stick around for the next installment.


These bugs are so good you’ll want them to stick around for the next installment.

It seems that the most affected in the sims have always been the babies.

The Sims 4: These bugs are so good you'll want them to stay for the next installment
Common mistakes in Sims 4

Bugs in video games are so common that have been the subject of discussion in the gaming community on many occasions. Of course, some of them may go unnoticed by their fans; however, others, on the contrary, can be annoying and affect the experience. So just wait for the updates for the developers to fix it and wait for other improvements.

But what happens when bugs are so funny that the same players are the ones who ask that they not be resolved? In this sense, it is not the first time we have heard that this happens. And, of course, The Sims is no exception to the rule.

The most iconic glitches in the Sims

Throughout his career, The Sims is one of the most successful simulation games for PC.. Since its first installment in the year 2000, this series has become an icon in the industry, bringing with it some of the funniest anecdotes. And it is not for less, since it has been a pioneer within its genre, giving its own personality and a certain independence to each of its characters.

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Of course, a lot can be said about its gameplay, so it’s not surprising that among so many options there are some that don’t work quite right. And if we look back, these Game mechanics have been diversifying each timebut most likely we will remember certain rather random errors that have caused more than one a few laughs.

So, no one who is such a fan of The Sims can forget those failures of the second title of the franchise where babies could be cooked on a grill (and that there are even memes circulating on the internet with the captures of these incidents) or other erratic attitudes of the grim reaper.

Fortunately for the franchise, these errors did nothing but popularize the game (if it can be said), since babies being cooked by their parents is not normal, right? But, well, as time has passed, both the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 have faced other glitches that also resonated with the fan community, so it would be worth taking a look at the ones in the last title now that we know that EA at some point plans to bring a Sims 5 to market… which is pretty exciting considering all the gameplay options that could greatly enhance the experience.

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The most popular glitches in Sims 4


Error in the expansion of Sims 4: My Wedding Stories.

As we know, the simulator offers the possibility to extend the game modes, so in the expansion of My Wedding Stories there were bugs that they did not allow the event to take place (due to the large number of tasks required for the sim to get married). Or, this also caused a series of failures and no-shows at parties.


sims 4 furniture bug

This ruling speaks for itself. Despite the fact that the error starts from the fact that the characters in the game can get stuck in different pieces of furniture, well… basically there will be some who decided get your head stuck in bed and walk around carrying her. However, curiously, it would have potential for the next installment, as it would be an opportunity to give Sims extraordinary powers. For example, it would be funny how one of them uses one of her abilities to destroy everything in her path and thus not walk like a “bed head” for not having enough strength to remove it.


Random nudity bug in Sims 4

This error is also very peculiar, since we can see the sim with the classic pixels that cover your body when naked outside of activities that require you to remove your clothing. So putting him in such an embarrassing situation would surely make the interactions between him and other sims a bit awkward and even violent.


sims 4 babies bug

It seems that babies are always in the range of failures, since, as you read at the beginning, it is not the first time that we have problems with them in a title. Although we’re already at Title 4, the fact that the infants take on a look worthy of a horror movie means that the developers still have a few problems with the little ones, but one would certainly have to admit that these are the ones that have contributed to the success. of the franchise.

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