These new PS5 side plates look like my Game Boy and I just have to have them

these new ps5 side plates look like my game boy

Tom Henry

These new PS5 side plates look like my Game Boy and I just have to have them

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Would you like a retro look for the PS5?

The PS5 is a fairly large and also somewhat clumsy console, the appearance of which was affectionately compared to a pedestal fan by many fans even before its release. While the desEsports Extrascertainly won’t appeal to everyone, there are at least some options to customize it. Sony itself has now released some side plates that you can use to change the white coloring of the PS5. However, you are currently limited to five colors and one pattern.

If that’s not enough for you, you have to look around for third-party manufacturers, because there is a much larger selection here. And especially for retro fans there is now something really good. Hardware accessory maker Dbrand has now launched translucent colored side plates for the PS5. That’s where the real 90’s flair comes in.

Clear PS5 side plates are perfect for retro fans

If, like me, you used to have the purple Game Boy Color – or a clear-colored N64 – you can probably understand the feeling that comes up when you look at those side plates: pure nostalgia!

However, there is a small disadvantage compared to the classic consoles: Unlike the Game Boy, for example, you cannot look directly at the electronics of the PS5 due to the transparent housing of the side plates. Instead, you’re looking at the inner case.

A sticker for the center strip at least gives the illusion that you can see inside. The side plates including the center stripe are available in four colors: black, purple, light blue and orange.

Here you can see the PS5 look in the video:

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By the way, this is not the first time that the manufacturer has released its own looks for different consoles. Even before Sony launched its own black PS5 side plates, Dbrand announced its own black look and even taunted Sony’s lawyers.

Most recently, the manufacturer also copied the desEsports Extrasof the Zelda switch and couldn’t resist boldly provoking Nintendo this time:

How much do the side plates cost? Of course it’s not all that cheap. You pay for the clear side plates themselves $69.05if you want a sticker for the central reservation, you’ll have to add another 15 US dollars.

If you wish, you can also order LED light strips to let your console shine in light blue, orange or purple. After all: Shipping to Germany is free from a value of more than 30 US dollars. Customs fees can of course still be incurred.

How do you like the look of the side plates for the PS5?

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