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These Pokemon should not be missing in any team, but what exactly are pseudo-legendary?

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Pseudo-Legendary isn't just about Dragon Pokemon.

Pseudo-Legendary isn’t just about Dragon Pokemon.

With the new Pokemon from Crimson & Crimson, diligent fans have taken the trouble to rank all pocket monsters of the ninth generation of the game according to their strength. It should come as no surprise that the legendary Pokemon are at the top of the food chain.


But there are some very strong Pokemon that many players don’t immediately see. These are the so-called pseudo-legendary, which are not that dissimilar to the legendary Pokemon.

Pseudo-Legendary belongs on every good Pokemon team

What are Pseudo Legendary? As the name suggests, Pseudo-Legendary are Pokemon that are similar in strength to Legendary Pokemon. The associated Pokemon are not officially determined, but were classified by the fans. The following ten pseudo-legendary exist:

  • dragonite
  • despotary
  • Brutalanda
  • meta gross
  • crack crack
  • tricephalo
  • Viscogon
  • Grandiras
  • catapult
  • Espinodon
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What do the Pokemon have in common? All of these Pokemon have a total of three stages of development. Many of the Pseudo-Legendary are Dragon-type Pokemon, with the exception of Metagross and Tyranitar. Five of the Pseudo-Legendary have either a Mega Evolution form or a Regional form:


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Other characteristics are that they have 1,250,000 experience points at level 100 and their base stats give the exact value of 600 if they have not gone through a mega evolution. That’s why pseudo-legendary in Japan are also called “600 clubs” called.


On average, they have a high attack value. Only Viscogon is an exception, since the Pokemon has an above-average special defense value.

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Even more Pokemon news on GamePro:

In the comment column for the survey, which pseudo-legendary fans like the most, two clear favorites emerge. Among all the dragon-type Pokemon, it is above all Metagross and Tyranitar that have crept into the hearts of fans.


User World_of_Blanks writes that he would like two pseudo-Legendary for each generation, one of which is not a Dragon Pokemon. Personally, he would like some sort of Super Computer Pokemon to give fans a choice between the classic dragon and a modern species. But whether Nintendo will fulfill this fan request remains to be seen.

What is your favorite pseudo-legendary?


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