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They add another Pay-to-Win bundle to Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode and the community rejects it

they add another pay to win bundle to warzone 2.0's dmz mode

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has added another paid package that is considered pay-to-win for its DMZ game mode and is rejected by the community.

The idea of ​​paid-to-win content has been largely (though not entirely) phased out in recent years. Back in the mid-2010s, the idea of ​​loot boxes, purchasable weapons, and other items that could give you the edge in online gaming was incredibly prevalent despite being despised by gamers.


Eventually, regulators started to step in, players got really upset, and publishers realized it was time to change things up. Microtransactions have largely shifted to focus only on cosmetic items like skins and such in recent memory, but Call of Duty has dipped back into some pay-to-win mechanics.

At the start of Season 3, Call of Duty fans began to notice bundles in the store that were mostly focused on cosmetic items, but also offered some pretty significant in-game bonuses for DMZs. These items included things like UAVs, which allow players to see where others are on the map after appearing for a short time.


Now another new bundle discovered by CharleIntel reveals that players can secure a lucrative self-revive for DMZ with the purchase of a certain skin. This means that as long as the self-revive is equipped, players will be able to get up after being shot and knocked down by an enemy.

When playing solo this is quite important as you would die automatically otherwise and when playing in a squad it allows your allies to protect and counter while you revive yourself and get back into the fight.