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They are already out of Xbox Game Pass, do not miss out on playing them or without your special discount – Xbox

the four great games that leave xbox game pass on

You already have a few hours left to play or buy these games that leave Xbox Game Pass.

They are already out of Xbox Game Pass, do not stay without playing them or without your special discount
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Some come and others go, it is the law of Xbox Game Pass and although more and more games are arriving, we have to remind you that others are leaving in the coming days. In this case we have 6 new games leaving the service in the next few days, but we inform you that you still have time to take advantage of your exclusive discount for being subscribers to the service.

you have a 20% discount in all the games of the service if you buy them while they are active, even if you only have a few days left to take advantage of your offer. At this point, it is almost impossible for someone to be unaware of what Xbox Game Pass offers and all the titles you can enjoy for only €14.99 per month. And it is that if the promise at first were 100 available titles, the number goes above 300 gamesand that’s not counting those that are on PC or console only and vice versa.


Games coming out of Xbox Game Pass

  • Black Desert – Console and Cloud
  • Commandos 3 HD Remaster – Console, PC and Cloud
  • immortality – Console, PC and Cloud
  • Nuclear Throne – Console, PC and Cloud
  • Surgery Simulator 2 – Console, PC and Cloud
  • tinykin – Console, PC and Cloud

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