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They auction a 3dfx Voodoo graphic that never went on sale and already costs 10,000 euros

The most veteran of the place, especially if you are fish tankers, you will remember 3dfx Interactivea company specialized in the creation of 3D graphics processors and graphics cards to play on our PC that It was a benchmark for players in the 90s and which disappeared in 2002 after its owners declared bankruptcy in 2000 and shortly after NVIDIA bought most of its technologies and patents.

Beyond its history closely related to PC gamers (and also SEGA since 3dfx made a chip for the Dreamcast that was never used, but that’s another story) today 3dfx is “resurrected” thanks to the collector’s marketwith the appearance of a model of this brand that never reached the market and for which collectors are already sticking on eBay.


52 bids that already exceed 10,000 euros

And it is that a few hours ago the graphic collector Lschzwerg has found an auction of a prototype of the Voodoo 5 6000, a graphic that never went on sale since it developed at the same time that 3dfx was going bankrupt and for which several collectors are now hitting.


In fact, at the time we are writing this news there are 13 people interested in the graph that began to be auctioned on February 3 for just one cent and that has already been a total of 52 bids reaching a value of about 10131 euros which can go up during the next few days, since there is almost a week left for the end of this bidding.

Is Voodoo 5 6000 featured four graphics processors working in unison that were designed to reach 183 MHz (although due to stability failures in the tests they never exceeded 166 MHz) and came with 120 MB of VRAM, 32 MB for each processor, in addition to having a serious bug in certain data-corrupting motherboards that never made it to market.

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