They compare the original version of Red Dead Redemption with its relaunch for PS4 and Switch

they compare the original version of red dead redemption with

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They compare the original version of Red Dead Redemption with its relaunch for PS4 and Switch

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ElAnalistaDeBits determines that the new version of Red Dead Redemption has improvements in resolution and stability. Popping has also been slightly reduced.

The relaunch of red dead redemption for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is now available and, as usual, the user TheBitsAnalyst has made a complete comparison so that we can better appreciate the differences that exist between the original versions of PS3 and Xbox 360 released in 2010 with the new ones. As expected, the new version of red dead redemption has a noticeable increase in resolution (reaches 1080p on both systems) and smoothes minor technical problems such as poppingalthough it does not offer significant graphical improvements.

In general terms, TheBitsAnalyst has determined that the PS4 version “features better shadows, anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing compared to Nintendo Switch”. However, the version for Nintendo’s hybrid console is so similar that, in his opinion, it is more worthwhile for the fact of being able to enjoy the title in portable mode. Also, the version for Nintendo Switch has “faster load times” than the PS4 version, although the difference is not significant.

How is the version for Nintendo Switch?

“The work that Double Eleven has done on this adaptation has been magnificent, with the usual concessions that we already take for granted when a game reaches the hybrid from other platforms: whoever wants to play it in the highest graphic quality should not opt ​​for this version, and whoever ends up betting on playing it on Switch, with the particular advantages of this platform, already knows what they have to sacrifice. In this case it is little, the experience arrives almost intact and it is in the lack of multiplayer modes where the cut is most noticeable; although it manages to balance with the addition of the great Undead Nightmarea highly recommended DLC with a style and charisma that we could rarely see today in a modern video game”, we concluded in our complete analysis.

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