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Elden Ring

They defeat Radahn of Elden Ring playing with their feet and without summoning

We could safely say that Radahn, Scourge of the Stars, is one of the most challenging bosses we can find in Elden Ring, the latest and most popular work from FromSoftware. Just when it seemed that players were going to be able to breathe easy after an update that nerfed said boss, earlier this week the studio announced the release of a new patch for increase damage of various attacks because these were reduced by mistake. Although Radahn has once again become a headache for many, he has been easily defeated by a player known online as elvirayukiwho has defeated him playing with the feet and without invoking.

As can be seen from the attached post, the match lasted a total of just over 4 minutesquite a feat considering the additional difficulty of playing with a dance-pad instead of a conventional controller. Although there were some critical moments when it seemed that all was lost, elvirayuki she managed to get out of the most difficult situations until she finally defeated the boss. “I set myself the challenge of doing it WITHOUT INVOCATIONS and we have achieved it more or less easily. Soon we will arrive in the capital, I can’t wait”, the player has expressed through a publication of Twitter that already harvests about 3000 “likes”.

A player managed to defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel using bananas

elvirayuki is just one of several examples of players trying to break the rules and defeat some of the most imposing bosses in the game. Elden Ring by methods that are at least peculiar. Without going any further, we find super louis 64a player who defeated the Flying Dragon Agheel using a control of bananas and Hound Knight Darriwil using the Ring-Con of Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch.

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