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They discover in Red Dead Redemption II a mysterious NPC that watches you from afar

they discover in red dead redemption ii a mysterious npc

Someone seems to be very interested in the footsteps of Arthur Morgan, who will it be?

They discover in Red Dead Redemption II a mysterious NPC that watches you from afar
Red Dead Redemption 2 boasts one of the most impressive open worlds to date

Despite the fact that he is already on his way to fulfilling the five years from its original release On PS4 and Xbox One, Red Dead Redemption II remains one of the most impressive games made to date. Rockstar made sure that each game was unique and make your open world feel aliveso it is normal to find bandits, animals fighting among themselves or cultists of the Ku Klux Klan who need a lesson, although it seems that there are also a somewhat gossipy NPC.


By chance or because of something done on purpose, a Red Dead Redemption II fan recently shared an NPC from the Rockstar game that seems to follow you wherever you go.

An ardent fan of Arthur Morgan

A user on the Reddit forums known as Ghost_Toe recently shared that “more than once” he has noticed that “an NPC watches me from a distance, waves his hand and leavesSounds disturbing, right? Best of all, he’s managed to record it.


More than once, I’ve noticed an NPC watching me from a distance, wave his hand and leave
byu/ghost_toe inreddeadredemption

In this clip we can see Ghost_Toe, riding through a meadow, when he stops because he seems to have seen something on top of a hill, in the distance. Looking closer with the binoculars, he realizes that it is an NPC on horseback. This greets him and turns around As if nothing had happened. And apparently it’s not the first time it’s happened.

With no towns apparently nearby,what is this NPC doing in the middle of nowhere? Are you following Arthur Morgan? Is he an ardent admirer or a spy for the O’Driscolls? It’s most likely a coincidence, but it’s fun to see the amount of crazy theories that can arise from a video game like Red Dead Redemption II.

According to the latest rumors, Rockstar is preparing a remastering of Red Dead Redemption, we’ll see what’s new with respect to the original and whether or not it also has a mysterious spy NPCLike Red Dead Redemption II.

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