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“they don’t give a shit about Auronplay, we are puppets”

"they don't give a shit about auronplay, we are puppets"

ElXokas has been very critical of Twitch in one of his latest broadcasts, assuring that content creators are not important to the platform.

ElXokas charges hard against Twitch again:

twitch It is in one of its most delicate moments since the existence of the Amazon platform. At the moment, the controversies do not stop happening in relation to the content creators who threaten to leave the platform after Kick, which has emerged strongly, and with which Auronplay himself has come to flirt in one of his live shows. However, the one who is maintaining a more determined profile regarding this possibility is ElXokas, who has already set a price to leave Twitch, a platform to which he has returned. criticize harshly.

To know the context of this new heated Xokas against Twitch, we must go back to the presentation email that the platform itself has sent regarding the start of the Bellum series, the recently started Rust series that brings together some of today’s biggest content creators. However, the Galician streamer found it disrespectful that some of the participants were mentioned in that statement, leaving out the creators, who are the ones who have made the content a reality and without whom the series would not exist. In this situation, Xokas has exploded again.

“Do you think Auronplay cares about Twitch? Auronplay doesn’t give a shit to Twitch. Or Rubius or whoever, you’re freaking out. Twitch only cares about money. We are puppets, no more no less. I have not received a thank you in my entire life”, assured the streamer in one of his direct reports on the matter discussed.


The open war between Twitch and Xokas continues adding new chapters

“I know you’d rather pierce each other with a titanium cross than put my name on an email, but It would be nice if you mention the people who organize the series. You only put people you like, you can see the feather duster. Let’s see if we are a little more professional“, highlighted Xokas in his speech, through which he once again made clear the bad harmony that currently exists between the Galician streamer and Twitch.

So it seems that The situation between the Galician streamer and Twitch keeps getting worse. Let’s remember that Xokas has already complained on more than one occasion about not having a contract from the Amazon platform, in addition to having zero contact with it.

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