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They filter a gameplay of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ for Nintendo Switch

they filter a gameplay of 'hogwarts legacy' for nintendo switch

After many, many months of waiting, we finally have the first look at Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch. There was a lot of concern about how one of the best games of the year would look on the big N’s laptop, since we are all aware of its technical limits. Fortunately, It seems that Avalanche Software has done an excellent job of optimization.

Although Warner Bros. Games had already shared the first images of Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch during October, today a brief gameplay was leaked On twitter. The material has already been removed from the social network, but on Reddit they managed to support it. Apparently, one person managed to obtain a copy before its official release, scheduled for November 14.

Although the gameplay is not captured directly from the console, the video is enough to verify that Hogwarts LegacyTo the surprise of many, has acceptable performance on the Nintendo Switch.


Ok, it’s not close to the variant seen on current generation consoles and PC, but we must take into account that it is running on hardware that was released more than six years ago. You will see the most notable differences, of course, in the quality of the textures and models, the drawing distance, the lighting and the effects such as particles. Plus, of course, it’s probably running at max. 30FPS.

The uncertainty surrounding the version of Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch
Image of Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch

Hogwarts Legacy It was released last February on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Shortly after it landed on previous generation consoles, the version for Nintendo Switch is pending.

Its delay and the lack of information from Warner Bros. Games caused the community to have doubts about the technical status of the project, especially due to the challenge of bringing such a demanding game to a portable console that is about to be replaced by a next generation product. The much rumored Nintendo Switch 2…

To the above it had to be added that Mortal Kombat 1, also published by Warner Bros. Games, was a complete disappointment on the Nintendo Switch. Its performance and graphic quality make it the worst version of the fighting title you can buy. It was understandable that many suspected that the same would happen with Hogwarts Legacy.


Of course, the best thing to do would be to wait until next week to check if, in fact, Hogwarts Legacy surprises with its visual display on the Nintendo Switch. Be very careful, because by combining one of the most successful games of the year with a console whose user base is immense, Warner Bros. could have another best-seller this holiday season.

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