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They have stolen the LOL code, and they ask for 10 million dollars in ransom: we will tell you if your data is in danger and what Riot says


They have stolen the LOL code, and they ask for 10 million dollars in ransom: we will tell you if your data is in danger and what Riot says

Computer attacks are the order of the day. We did not discover anything new and, although it is hard for us to assume it, we must talk about it. League of Legends has been the last to be attacked. Although at Esports ExtrasPC we do not want to give a voice to these pirates, we do want to tell what has happened and how Riot Games is between a rock and a hard place after the theft of the MOBA source code Y your anti-cheat.

The problem comes from the end of last week, between the 20th and 23rd of this month of January. The well-known multiplayer of the Americans was the victim of what was considered a “social engineering attack” that affected the launcher of the company. Although the situation did not seem to escalate further, today we know thanks to Riot Games itself, that the attack resulted in the theft of the “‘League of Legends’ source code, ‘TFT’ and a legacy anti-cheat platform“.

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The extent of the damage was completely unknown, and many thought that, bottom line, it might have to do with player input. Just yesterday, January 24, Riot Games confirmed that it received a ransom mail of the group of hackers in which they asked for a huge number of 10 million dollars to recover the stolen data.

According to the Motherboard portal, the email in question was sent to the directors of the company followed by a threat that aimed to post the stolen files on the network. Something that, for the moment, has not happened. However, and although Riot Games has made its categorical refusal clear to the group of pirates, several users have found the source code in internet outlets.

Consequences of the robbery to Riot Games

In this case, we do not have to speculate, since the consequences are so clear that the American company has wanted to be completely transparent with its community: it could trigger a major cheat wave, cheats and tricks. The fact that you have stolen the game’s source code implies that hackers and hackers can use it to their advantage to affect the game experience.

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However, having in turn the source code of Riot Games’ anti-cheat sounds like “candy” for hackers. With these two things in the net, the US team could be in serious trouble to maintain stability in a multiplayer that drags almost 200 million players year after year.

Far from this, the company has also shared another problem, and that is that the code in question contained experimental functions for both League of Legends and TFT. Its implementation in the game in an unofficial way we believe that it is not as easy as modd a game, but they can be used in a negative way to create hacks Y traps based on actions that the Riot Games team has already considered.

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At the moment, it only remains to wait and see how this situation develops. Apart from Riot Games’ no to the hacker group in question, the company itself has shared a hopeful message and, above all, reassuring for the community: “We have made a lot of progress and we believe that soon we will have everything fixed“.

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