They imagine a spectacular Megaevolution inspired by Starmie

they imagine a spectacular megaevolution inspired by starmie

Tom Henry

They imagine a spectacular Megaevolution inspired by Starmie

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From Reddit we get an interesting message for fans of Pokemon. Specifically, we are talking about various fan-arts inspired by Megaevolved forms of two Pokemon.

It is not the first time that ideas or fan-arts of this style and inspired in different ways than usual, Megaevolutions or alternative evolutions are shared by the players of the franchise, having obtained a fantastic concept in this case.

In the post that you have below, we can see how a fan under the name of CycloneToya has created a spectacular fan-art that imagines a Mega Evolution centered on the Water- and Psychic-type Pokemon Starmie, which belongs to the first generation. The result is undoubtedly surprising. You can see the full post at this link.

In the image you can see with an impressive result, with the importance of the spikes that the starfish Pokemon has, in addition to the two ribbons that are present on its back. They certainly attract attention considering how impressive as well as beautiful it looks.

Here you can check it:

I did a random desEsports Extrasfor a Mega Starmie, I want every gym leader ace to get a mega!
by u/CycloneToya in pokemon

What do you think of these fan-arts? Do you think that a different desEsports Extrasor a different idea than the one shown could have turned out better? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.


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