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They manage to finish Atomic Heart in 7 minutes and it’s amazing | we are xbox

Atomic Heart has caught the attention of many gamers, and a very interesting section of the gaming community also has an eye on this title. Well, recent reports indicate that Speedrunners manage to finish Atomic Heart in 7 minutes making a very amazing recordsince this title deals with an open world with a lot of farming and repetition to advance between the points of the story that Mundfish, the developer studio, seeks to tell.

It could be said that the Speedrunner community has returned to their own due to what they have achieved. On the other hand, people who are dedicated to completing games in the shortest possible time may have many other goals in mind besides finishing their “race” in the shortest time. Many of these events sometimes work as lures to donate to charity and help people in need, although it cannot be denied that sometimes speedrunning any game works to achieve personal greatness.

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A talented Speedrunner sets the record for finishing Atomic Heart in 7 minutes

With so many motives in the air, it was to be expected that at any moment the Speedrunners’ goal would be Atomic Heart, and they’ve completed it in amazing time. The player who achieved such a feat calls himself deLINO, and is in the top of Speedrunners on the website. With only 7:06 minutesthis user has managed to reach the end of Atomic Heart, a truly amazing time and one that will cost a lot to overcome.


Atomic Heart is a open world game with RPG mechanics similar to Fallout, although that is not the only thing they share, since it is also set in a Soviet post-apocalyptic world. Its clear references to the Soviet Union have been a problem in reaching many territories, just as it has influenced the criticism it receives. However, it is an action game that will make you emotional in a thousand ways. Added to this, you can play Atomic Heart right now on Xbox Game Pass.