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They Meant It To Be Cute, And It Is, But This Lifelike Eevee Can Give You Nightmares Too

KaypeaCreations surprises with the level of detail of this doll based on the much loved Pokemon.

They Meant It To Be Cute, And It Is, But This Lifelike Eevee Can Give You Nightmares Too

The passion for realistically reimagining some video game creatures never ceases to amaze us. Sometimes they result in quite controversial designs like the original Sonic from his first film adaptation, but other times they do produce works of very remarkable quality like a God of War artist’s work with Mario.

The last example in this field takes us to Pokemon, specifically to assess an adorable life-size realistic Eevee doll made by KaypeaCreations. The result jumps to life and reveals the work behind the figure, making it very difficult to resist caressing it with the naked eye. However, as often happens in this type of work, his face, similar to that of a small fox, causes us some concern.

A small drawback that does not tarnish the Eevee set, one of the most beloved Pokemon creatures by the public since its introduction in the first generation. In fact, Eevee even starred in his own video game alongside Pikachu in Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

The attention of Pokemon fans is now focused on Pokemon Scarlet / Purple, whose first trailer confirmed its setting in USA. At the moment there is no news about its exact launch date, beyond being scheduled for the end of the year. While you can read the analysis of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, released in January.

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