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They rise in users but does their CEO resign? What happen?

During the pandemic, Netflix and other streaming services grew incredibly, as we spent much more time cooped up in our homes. However, this time of growth for Netflix ended soon, because as the restrictions by COVID were easing and people returned to normal life, the rate of subscribers fell. In 2022 Netflix had a bad year and its shares on the stock market plummeted and now as soon as 2023 begins its co-founder and CEO resigns.


Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming platform in the world and currently owns about 225 million subscribers. Despite its incredible numbers and how much it has grown over the years, it was in 2022 that it experienced the first loss of subscribers in its history. This dealt a severe blow to its shares, which fell sharply and with them, concerns about the future of the company. And it is that, unlike years ago when it was the only streaming platform, now it has many other rivals. With competition like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ either HBO Max By offering quality content at similar prices, Netflix is ​​no longer the first and only option for many users.

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Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings resigns from the company

2023 is just beginning and Netflix is ​​in the news again, well now Reed Hastings has decided to resEsports Extrasfrom the company. In case the name does not ring a bell, Reed has been the co-founder of Netflix and has run the company as his co-CEO for 15 years. He announced that he was leaving his post after Netflix’s quarterly results were released, where the company closed with having 230 million subscribers worldwide. Although his departure will be a hard blow for the company, he has taken it upon himself to leave ted sarandos Already Greg Peters as co-CEOs of Netflix.

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With them, bela bajaria now becomes the director of content for Netflix and scott stubber has been promoted to president of Netflix Film. All this occurs shortly after the company announced its plan of ad-supported subscription and with this, he has managed to add 7.7 million subscribers additions in the last quarter.


Netflix forces more countries to pay extra for shared accounts

Netflix Transfer Profiles Shared Accounts

In addition to knowing that the CEO of Netflix resigns, we cannot forget that the company is continuing its course on a very important issue for them: combating shared accounts and passwords. As we well know, Netflix tested its measure of pay extra to add subaccounts a few months ago in Latin American countries. Seeing that the results were satisfactory, Netflix announced that it would expand this functionality to other countries.

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Now that we are in 2023, the year begins precisely where the company will implement the payment for adding subaccounts of anyone using your subscription outside of your home. Over the coming months it is expected that more and more countries will have to comply with this standard. Once payment for shared passwords outside the home is launched globally, Netflix expects a drop in subscriptions. However, think that the long-term benefits will be greater with the payment of additional bills. Already in October 2022, the company implemented some facilities, such as transferring the user profile.


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