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They seek to launch this new book by Satoru Iwata, former president of Nintendo

they seek to launch this new book by satoru iwata,

We bring great news from satoru iwatalate former president of Nintendo. It seems that they are preparing a new book dedicated to his life.

Specifically, it is a project kickstarter launched by Nintendo Force magazine. This is what was shared:

  • He has announced a Kickstarter for a new hardcover book called “The Impact of Iwata” with over 220 pages.
  • The book is written by Lucas M. Thomas, the magazine’s managing editor.
  • It will be published by the Sheridan CJK Group, known for their work on the Legends of Localization series.
  • “The Impact of Iwata” will cover Iwata’s entire life and legacy, reflecting on his continued impact after his passing.
  • The book will combine text and illustrations, including quotes from Iwata and his colleagues.
  • It will also include images of the games he helped create and full-color illustrations by talented artists.
  • Prominent game industry personalities share their own stories of Iwata in the book.

The Kickstarter has already reached half of his goal of US$29,000, with more than 40 days remaining for the campaEsports Extrasto end. It seems that it is being a success for Nintendo fans.

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