This 2TB hard drive has an incredible Star Wars design and costs less than 100 euros

this 2tb hard drive has an incredible star wars design

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This 2TB hard drive has an incredible Star Wars design and costs less than 100 euros

Free space on your computer with the Force of Luke Skywalker.

This 2TB hard drive has an incredible Star Wars desEsports Extrasand costs less than 100 euros
Seagate external hard drive has 2TB capacity and LED lights

after seeing the new open world star wars game, we are already thinking about the space it will occupy on our consoles. Video games and other applications can hog the internal memory of the hardware without realizing it. This can cause problems in the performance in the long term, so we recommend having an external hard drive on hand. Seagate has a special edition disc With a Luke Skywalker desEsports Extrasand 2TB of storage you’ll love. It only costs 97.53 euros on Amazon and makes a perfect gift for fans.

Seagate is a specialist in external storage to play. Then it would be necessary to distinguish between the traditional HDDs and SSDs. The first ones are the cheapest option so as not to saturate the internal disk of your console or PCbut SSDs are faster.

Any of the two discs are good as storage unit for heavy files. The Seagate FireCuda drive has a special edition with 2TB capacity which costs less than 100 euros and is available with very different designs from Star Wars. This disc has come to cost 150 euros, but here you can save more than 50 euros. In PcComponents it also sells for 116.99 euros in total.

Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive (2TB)

This Seagate disk now costs less than 100 euros on Amazon

Seagate FireCuda external hard drive

This disc is a special edition with Star Wars design

Its use is not a great mystery, since it works like any hard drive. The biggest differences are found in the desEsports Extrasthat is exclusive with characters like Grogu, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. We can’t think of a better way to store and protect your documents, photos and other files than they take up too much space in the computer. The drive casing is compact and features a RGB LED lighting that can be customized for a touch of galactic color.

As for the connection, it is a mechanical disk (HDD) with USB 3.0 which can improve the transfer speed. Just connect the drive to the computer or console via the cable to start using it. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox, so you can save your games and take them anywhere. lastly this seagate product It has a one year warranty and one year with Rescue data recovery services in case you have an accident.

Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive (2TB)

It’s a fantastic hard drive for save all your documents. The model of Luke Skywalker costs only 97.53 euros on Amazon, but previously it has reached 150 euros without a discount. This means that you would save 50 euros, as well as other Seagate hard drives that do have a discount applied. Choose your favorite and May the Force be with you.

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