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This Annie cosplay from Shingeki No Kyojin is the best thing you’ll see today

This cosplay is one of the best things you will see today.

Shingeki No Kyojin will return with its last episodes in 2023 as announced by Mappathe drawing house that is responsible for producing this anime.

This memorable work has presented various characters that from the beginning they have given much to talk aboutas is the case with Annie Leonhart, the bearer of the Female Titanwhich at the beginning of this series was very relevant in the events that took place in the first season, taking much of the leading role.

annie quickly captivated and caught the attention of many fans of this workhaving a personality quite cold and calculating. However, that is only part of a shield that she herself has created so as not to show her emotions, since deep down she has a great kindness and conviction.

Recently, a Instagram artist has decided to make a fantastic Annie Leonhart cosplay that will be the best thing you will see today. Next, we tell you the details.

This Annie Leonhart cosplay will leave you speechless

Annie Leonhart the bearer of the female Titan

Annie Leonhart the bearer of the female Titan

Annie Leonhart, highlighted from the beginning of this animebecause he had great qualities that made her stand out among his comrades in the reconnaissance legion.

Annie was actually a marley soldier who had infiltrated to Paradise, together with Reiner and Berthold, with the mission of find and steal the powers of the founding Titan and take them back to their country.

However, he had a great failure in the mission assigned to himsince it had been discovered. So it ended completely hardening in the middle of a glass created by herself to prevent them from interrogating her and obtaining information about her and Marley’s plans.

In the most recent events of this animeEren has used founding titan power to wipe out humanity outside the walls, achieving awaken the colossals who were within the wallsremoving all the hardening that had been holding them back for many years.

On the other hand, this made the crystal where Annie was was also undone and she came back from her long sleep. Due to her imminent return, many fans have pleased to see that Annie was doing well and that it could still be great importance in the final events of this anime.

For this reason, an Instagram artist, called nadia sonikahas decided immortalize with a spectacular cosplay Annie Leonhart, the bearer of the Female Titan.

In these images you can see how the artist has managed to fit perfectly, several distinguishing features of Annie. Also, she is seen wearing the characteristic outfit of the reconnaissance legionas has been achieved replicate many battle poses of this young warrior.

Without a doubt, the artist Nadya Sonika has made a great job making this cosplaysince he has gone to Germany with the intention of perfectly capture landscapes that resemble those seen in this animedemonstrating the great affection and dedication that she has given to the representation of Annie.

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