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This could be Abby’s actress in the HBO Max series The Last of Us


This could be Abby’s actress in the HBO Max series The Last of Us

The character is expected to appear in a hypothetical second season.

This could be Abby's actress in the HBO Max series The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are the protagonists of The Last of Us

It has been hard work, but this past Monday, January 16, we finally had the long-awaited premiere of The Last of Us series on HBO Max, while in this we can see how Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal shoulder the roles of Ellie and Joel respectively to be able to bring the story of the video game originally released on PS3 to the small screen. And it goes without saying that, seeing the number of viewers of the first episode, we are before one of the biggest hits this year and even the decade.

This is something that the series has achieved on its own merits, since, despite having quite good source material, it has been possible to verify that the quality of The Last of Us on HBO Max has lived up to expectationsthus giving rise to the fact that, despite not being confirmed, there are many who hope that there will be a second season that narrates the events of the second game.

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Shannon Berry could apply as the actress to take the role of Abby in the second season of The Last of Us on HBO Max

Given this, it must be said that some fans are already beginning to give their ideal casting for the characters of this sequel, this being something that will be quite long, especially if we take into account all the actresses who could have been Ellie in The Last of Us. before Bella Ramsey landed the part. And in that sense, many already think of the ideal actress for Abbythe co-star of The Last of us Part II.

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It must be said that this character is quite well known due to the role he has in this second installment, being in fact the character whom we control during the middle of the game. The reasons that lead to this we prefer to leave aside because of the huge spoiler it entails, but before this there are already those who think about Shannon Berry as the actress who could take the role of Abby.

It should be noted that this really does not amount to anything, since it is not confirmed with this that this actress is going to be Abby. However, one of the reasons why many fans are pointing her out is that Neil Druckmann follows her on Instagram, while Sherry follows Bella Ramsey and the official account of the series. It doesn’t really mean anything, but we’ll be watching to see if we have any surprises in a few months or years.

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