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this could be why Ash’s Pikachu “resets”

A few events in several seasons justified the reset of Pikachu.

Pokemon: this could be the reason why Ash's Pikachu is
Pikachu crying in the Pokemon anime

Pikachu is by far the most famous pokemon in the world, being so that it does not matter if someone does not even know anything about the franchise, since this yellow electric mouse is recognized by the vast majority of people, which sometimes causes this to extend to the well-known clones of Pikachu when it comes to let them know. In fact, Mimikyu could be included in this select group.


Now, focusing on Pikachu, it must be said that this Pokemon owes its fame in large part to the fact that has been the protagonist of the anime along with Ash since its inception, thereby giving rise to the fact that we have been able to see how this Pokemon has faced all kinds of challenges together with its trainer, the times it has been able to defeat Legendary Pokemon being already famous. However, this is usually accompanied by the fact that, after defeating these Pokemon, Pikachu is reset losing with very basic Pokemon.

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Pikachu is currently the strongest trainer Pokemon in the anime

Knowing this, it must be said that the restart through which the mouse passes with each new season has ended up becoming a meme within the saga, since there are many who point out how illogical it is to lose against a Snivy after drawing with a Latios, although at least in the season corresponding to the fifth generation they justified it because Pikachu was suffering from a slight illness due to an electrical overload.


This with the logic of the franchise it does not make any sensesince after so many years Pikachu should be an invincible Pokemon, this being something that we have been able to see in the Pokemon Travel season, in which Pikachu became the strongest Pokemon from the anime after defeating Lionel’s Charizard, which held this position before falling weakened. And it is not for less if we take into account that Pikachu’s evolutionary line is among the best Electric-type Pokemon.

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Be that as it may, and focusing on what happened in past seasons, it must be said that the obvious thing is that, despite everything, this is done so that the series does not become boring, since, after all, if Pikachu won all the fights, there would be no emotion in the fights that Ash could play, making no sense to go with a team from scratch. Now, everything seems to indicate that there would be an explanation.


Pikachu suffered several incidents at the start of the third and fifth generations.

Pokemon: this could be the reason why Ash's Pikachu is

Pikachu’s tail will be straight or with a cut that gives it a heart shape depending on whether it is male or female.

To begin with, at the beginning of the Hoenn season we could see that Team Rocket kidnapped Pikachu again, using in this case a magnet that absorbed all his energy, which makes him sick. This is something that also happened in the fifth generation, although in this case it was due to the fact that was attacked by Zekromthe Electric-type Legendary Pokemon of this generation.

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In this way, Pikachu’s loss of power would be more than justified, especially since in the fourth, sixth and seventh generations the reset was not so beast. In fact, in Alola he started the season going head to head with Tapu Koko, whom he ended up defeating at the very end of this generation.

From all that has been said, it is more than clear that, although these reasons must be taken with a grain of salt, the truth is that at least this way one can better understand that Pikachu loses against such basic and weak Pokemon. Of course, we will not see any of this again for better or for worse, since, after all, Ash and Pikachu have their days numbered in the animethus giving rise to the fact that in just a few weeks we will see the last chapter starring these two.

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