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This detail from Resident Evil 4 Remake connects Luis Serra with Nemesis from Resident Evil 3

Now what Resident Evil 4 Remake It is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and PC (with a very good debut at the sales level, by the way), the players do not stop finding details that demonstrate the care that Capcom has put into this new version of Leon S. Kennedy’s mission to USA: we have already seen tricks to skip complete sections and clues from the supposed DLC of Separate Waysbut it is that details have also been found that connect this game with the previous one remake of the series

Specific, @JillJVF96 has published a series of images of documents found both in the remake of resident evil 4 like in Resident Evil 3 Remake that reveal that Luis Serra worked in the laboratory that created Nemesisenemy of the previous remake of the franchise. Not only is it a detail that gives this secondary character more depth, something that is also noticeable in other parts of the game, but it also connect both deliveries making it clear that Capcom is giving a new consistency to the narrative line of this license.


perfect balance between remake and original work

This type of novelty is what in our analysis of Resident Evil 4 Remake we point out as one of the fundamental aspects that make this remake an essential game: “The enormous amount of changes, novelties and surprises that it brings with it makes it tremendously enjoyable regardless of whether we have played the original or not, finding a perfect balance between the new and the old that works wonderfully”. If you want to play it without missing a single secret, don’t forget to have our guide at hand.