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Elden Ring

This Elden Ring mod will allow you to play with friends while keeping your progress: say goodbye to summons and play without limits

While it is true that Elden Ring has been a resounding critical and sales success, with PC being the favorite platform for FromSoftware’s RPG, everything seemed to indicate that Easy Anti-Cheat and the game problems had dissuaded fans from modding the game to the extreme. Far from those game-breaking mods with Shrek or Kermit the Frog making an appearance in the game, many mods they were limited to improving the visual aspect of the game and little else.

Elden Ring is not a single player game, but neither is it on-line. He walks in a limbo where the importance of the rest of the worlds is paramount and at the same time not. Still, few soulslike have tried their luck with cooperative modes beyond Ashen and some mods for the first Souls, so this mod that enables the cooperative in Elden Ring it makes me so captivating.

As anticipated by the modderLukeYui, this mod is based on the mechanics of invocations of the game, but it eliminates its main obstacle and that is that once we die or kill the invader, each one returns to their world. the mod maintain connections between both players constantly and even allows that once they die, they can reappear in the nearest place of grace.

In fact, it also removes one of the barriers to cooperative mode that the game includes in itself: the inability for both players to maintain progress. Thanks to this mod, the world of the host and the invader are merged into one, making us not be tied to the single player game and we can advance and progress in parallel form.

As for the final boss fights, there also seems to be no problem keeping both sessions running at the same time. On the sidelines of the first confrontation against the Agreste Sentinel, the user and his partner face the Leonine Bastard and once one dies, it respawns at the nearest place of grace while the other continues to fight. Thanks to this cross-progress, if we die we can re-enter the fight as if nothing had happened and keep fighting in company.

However, not everything is as simple as calling a friend and ending Malenia with a strategy that neither the player “Let me Solo Her”. To prevent this mod unbalance the experience of having two players with infinite opportunities (unless they both die) against the bosses of the game, the user himself has increased stats of all of them making their attacks harder and their life, in principle, greater.

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At the moment, the mod is in a beta phasebut the user claims to be finalizing the details for his imminent release. While we can support his work on Ko-Fi, the British patronage page similar to Patreon, it seems that LukeYui will release this mod completely free in your Nexus Mods profile.

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