This Final Fantasy 7 ‘mod’ adds full voice acting to the original game

Tom Henry

The Tsunamods community has published a mode which adds full english dubbing to the PC version of final fantasy 7 original. Available from the fan group website, Echo S 7 add voices to each of the scenes and characters, and new lines of dialogue to the sequences full motion video (FMV) and to the battles. You can download it for free from this link, which also offers a tutorial to install it.

The goal of mode is “help scenes feel like you’re watching a movie”, say the creators. “We bring together actors from all over the world to give a voice to everything final fantasy 7. Every [personaje] main, small and NPC [personaje no jugador, por sus siglas en ingls]; any character has a voice. Even in the tutorials.” “All non-player characters are dubbed by our community“, they add on the official website, “which gives a wide range of accents and voices that make the game feel real.”

Other work by the team is recorded on the Tsunamods page. Echoes of the Planetstill in development, add dynamic music with a new soundtrack designed to accompany the mode that concerns us in this news, Echo-S 7. “This mode it has dynamic music that will move and flow along with the scene, going down during some lines or animations to really intensify the feelings and emotions of a scene.” Among many other works they are also creating complete dubbing to final fantasy 8 (Echo-S 8) and final fantasy ix (Echo S-9).

This year we will know a new project of final fantasy

In other news about the Square Enix saga, the company will announce in 2023 a major new project for the saga that has nothing to do with final fantasy 16which will launch on PS5 on June 22, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirthalso planned for PS5 next winter, nor with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the . that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Rumors point to a remake or remastering of Final Fantasy Tactics.

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