This final sentence of Luffy in One Piece brings great meaning, don’t miss it!

this final sentence of luffy in one piece brings great

Tom Henry

This final sentence of Luffy in One Piece brings great meaning, don’t miss it!

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Monkey D Luffy, the best pirate of all the seas ever and everone of the anime world’s best-known and beloved characters in equal parts, has delivered a amazing final sentence that has given great meaning to one of the theories that the community has been feeding over the years.

If you are up to date with the manga and anime, you will know that a rather iconic event has occurred in One Piece, we are talking about the version 5 of Luffy’s Gear. However, there have been only a few who have ended up realizing something that has gone unnoticed by the vast majority of viewers.

One of the theories is that One Piece is actually Binks’ Sake, a drink capable of unifying the world and finding peace, as well as fun. This is still an assumption because today we do not know what the One Piece is in its entirety. However, in chapter 1072, Luffy in One Piece leaves the following sentence:

“When you die, all that remains are bones”

This phrase belongs to the song that Brook sang in honor of the famous Binks Sake drink and that It is speculated that it could be One Piece. Many have tried to spin this phrase with the meaning of the work and the theory, and it seems that this theory has now become one of the most powerful within the community.

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