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This Football Manager player leaves Alex Ferguson in diapers: 416 seasons leading teams to glory

You install the corresponding Football Manager, a team from the eighth division of Bulgaria signs you and they mark you as a target win the Champions League. Realistic? Not much less, but the franchise has shown us that challenges are there to be met.

Also, we know that once we start a game, we can’t stop until the next year’s delivery. This is perhaps what has happened to Paweł Siciński, a Polish player who has been recognized by the Guiness World Record as the user with the longest game of Football Manager.

Started in January 2018, Pawel has played in total 416 seasons, has won 341 leagues and 759 national and international cups. The only black point in his trajectory is reflected in a decline since he began his journey back in January 2018 and ended it on May 18, 2434.

Sir Alex Ferguson has always been talked about as one of the longest-serving coaches in the history of football at the same club, but Pawel leaves him in his infancy. And it is that of the 316 days and 7603 hours of play, Pawel has been linked to the Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar of Iceland for 310 years.

His first club was Syrianska FC of Sweden, from the country’s fourth category, to later come to in the Icelandic club between the years 2114 and 2434. 301 leagues, 677 cups and European titles such as the Champions League, the Europa League or the Club World Cup fill the showcases of the Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar

Located in Reykjavik, Pawel managed to get the team a stadium with a capacity of 140,000 fans, far exceeding the capital’s population of 122,000 people.

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“What defines me as a person is my strong determination, motivation, patience and diligence to achieve success and build soccer teams that always fight for victories, with a strong emphasis on strategy”, reveals Pawel as keys to achieving glory in Football Manager.

This investment of time has earned him a real-life UEFA C coaching license and surpassed Sepp Hedel’s previous record. This other German user reached the incredible figure of 333 years in a row in Football Manager 2017.

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