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this form of Trunks makes a complete fool of his father Vegeta

Trunks and Vegeta were under mind control that increased their powers.

Dragon Ball: this form of Trunks makes a complete fool of his father Vegeta
Trunks might have been superior to his father.

The Dragon Ball universe is really wide, villains, friends and Saiyans create a great story that has managed to captivate many. Besides that, even the good ones turn bad, usually through mind control techniques; the best known and loved is the case of Majin Vegeta, a character that left us speechless.


As the most faithful to the saga will remember, Vegeta started out in the world of Dragon Ball as one of the strongest villains, but eventually ended up switching sides.. He even got to start a family with Bulma-who appeared in another anime before Dragon Ball-and Trunks. But not everything was smooth sailing for the Saiyan prince, one of the most epic moments was the day his mind was controlled by Babidi, giving rise to Majin Vegeta.

Majin Vegeta - Dragon Ball

Majin Vegeta is one of the most beloved characters.

The sorcerer’s intention was to completely control Vegeta and make him defeat Goku, but Babidi’s powers were not enough. Instead of falling into complete control, Vegeta managed to impose himself and knew how to take advantage of that situation to increase his power and finally achieve the transformation of Super Saiyan 2.. Still, he couldn’t beat Goku if he didn’t go for a little trickery.

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Trunks possessed could make a fool of Majin Vegeta

Dragon Ball GT left us with another situation where one of our heroes was possessed, now by Baby. On this occasion it was Trunks the one who suffered this mental control, fighting against Goku and this time, defeating him.. In fact, if it wasn’t for Trunks resisting that control, Goku would have died with just a couple of attacks. Something his father never got.

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We can see this in the first season and chapter 24 of the series. During the battle, Vegeta’s son demonstrates some movements and aggressiveness that leave Goku without any chance. All this happens to go to rescue a little boy who was about to die, of course, our friends do not know that this little guy was possessed by Baby himself.

Trunks faces Goku

Trunks faces Goku

As is logical, the villain took advantage of this situation and it was at that moment that he switched control towards Trunks, giving Goku no chance to escape. From there, the rest is history, Goku, Trunks, Pan and company manage to beat Baby. But as we have said before, Vegeta’s son has achieved something that his father has never been able to, put Goku on the ropes.


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