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This “Free Escape from Tarkov” doesn’t like much on Steam, but I see it as a real well of hours

The multiplayer and realistic online titles have always eluded me. They are games that draw a lot of attention, but to those who have had a hard time making the leap, not because of the barrier posed by their more tactical approach —something easily overcome, the more hours you spend on it—; but because my experience and closeness to the most casual multiplayer makes getting into a gaming community more hard.

Let Hell Loose or SQUAD, for example, are not elusive to me, and I have spent many hours having fun with what they offer. However, Escape From Tarkov, being unfinished and launching far from Steam —at least in its development phase— early access— has made me suspicious of the Battlestate Games proposal, and much more friendly with The Cycle: Frontier than I thought at one point.

The truth is that the work of Yager – developer of Spec Ops: The Line and now part of Tencent, at least in terms of economic assets – embarked a few years ago on the development of this shooter going completely unnoticed for most players. The truth is that Yager has not had it all with him over the years, so as a distributor studio, this The Cycle: Frontier is not only a breath of fresh airbut a slight knock on the table for the German studio to become relevant again after the Dead Island 2 fiasco.

But what is The Cycle: Frontier? I’ve gone too far into its context and not the game itself, so it’s time to dwell on what got me hooked. The truth is that, reducing it to a minimum, it is his concept, halfway between hardcore and casual. It looks like this shooter has been designed for mein order not to feel bloated and overwhelmed by the “problems” of the shooter tactical; but also not noticing that, whatever I do, I don’t feel comfortable invest hours into something fleeting.

The Cycle Impressions

Is a fine line that, far from being the best game I’ve tried in time —and going back to the headline— has been my guilty pleasure these 2 weeks in my free time. The Cycle: Frontier proposes us, entering to value the content of the game, to travel to Fortuna III, a forgotten world and removed from the control of man who, resembling the pandora from avatar, we seek to exploit for rewards. Everything in the game is decided in a neutral territorythe space station that orbits Fortuna III, but the bulk of the experience is on its ground.

This no man’s land is plagued not only by animals bloodthirsty, but from other players who will search, such as space pirates, minerals or items that can be resold in said station. Following the same style as Escape From Tarkov, we will go down to the planet, explore, get what we find along the way and play kick out Hoping we don’t run into another human.

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Here the danger lies, obviously, in them: the players. I don’t know the number of players per server/planet, but we could easily have 20 people down there earning our bread. The bad thing, within the good of the game, is that the minerals are covetedso it will be time to take out the Minecraft-style pickaxe and collect what we can, with the bad luck that we can drag with the sound of our blows. The nights, on the other hand, are also not friendly. My first game was here, on the night of Fortuna III, and far from its beauty, the possibility of losing all the loot was palpable; so much that I got scared of an “enemy” that was as scared as me to the point that with a gesture, we lowered the weapon to continue on our way.

The Cycle Impressions 1

Obviously, The Cycle: Frontier plays in another league, that of free to play. This is an advantage, but a huge underlying problem. Increasing the players with a free proposal is the best nowadays, more for a early access —in fact, the game has 21,816 active players at the time of writing this text—, but it represents a dichotomy where, on the other hand, we have the problem of the little importance we give to free content. Even so, I had fun like nobody else with this shooterand although its opinions on Steam are not mostly good, it I recommend without hesitation.

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