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‘This game ruined quests for me’: Baldur’s Gate 3 fan celebrates that there are no boring collecting tasks in the RPG

'this game ruined quests for me': baldur's gate 3 fan

Halsin is happy about the varied missions.

In addition to the main story, which revolves around an evil mind flayer larva in the head of our main character, there are a whole host of optional side quests in Baldur’s Gate 3. Sometimes we get them from companions, sometimes simply when we speak to NPCs or explore certain locations.

We know this from all other games, but a fan on Reddit names the most important difference for him; namely that the Larian RPG avoids missions that feel like filler or busy tasks.

‘No fetch quests or meaningless tasks’ – Fan celebrates Baldur’s Gate 3

In his post, Reddit user bionickel celebrates the role-playing game for foregoing quests that feel as if they were only added to artificially stretch the playing time.


The fan backs this up with a funny thought game: namely, what typical collecting tasks might have awaited us if the game didn’t come from Larian:

  • Collect 10x Mugwort for Auntie Ethel
  • Fight 5 Cursed Shadows to help the Harpers
  • Collect 5 Flute Fragments to wake up Art Cullagh
  • Rolan slipped and the flying scrolls hit the barricades. Help Rolan keep his job by collecting all the flying scrolls (4/79 completed)

The fan goes on to say that the game also does without grinding and repetitive mechanics and that other titles perform much worse in this regard. That’s exactly what bionickel is aiming for with the title of the post “This game ruined quests for me.”

Spoiler warning: The next paragraph contains information about small interactions or a side task in the game, but we will keep it as vague as possible.

Larian even included a fun take on Fetch Quests

Other players agree in the comments and even make funny digs at the filler missions. One person reminds that there is a trophy called “Fetch Quest”. But we don’t earn it by doing such hard work, but rather by playing ball with scratch.


In addition, some users note that there is a collection task. However, it turns out to be a little more morbid than collecting herbs. “Dribbles (Schnibbels) is something like that, but in a funny way“, notes one user. In this task we have to pick up the chopped off body parts of a clown.

Another fan added: “Only Larian would give each Companion unique clown parts pick-up dialogs.” Some players probably appreciate that, because another person says: “On my second playthrough, I saved before picking up each piece of dribble so I could hear what everyone had to say about it.

What do you think about the side missions or general quest desEsports Extrasin Baldur’s Gate 3? Do you agree or was there something that bothered you? Or do you even miss the somewhat “simpler” tasks?