this great controller to play on mobile costs less than 30 euros

This is a very complete controller to play from the mobile.

Bargain of the day: this great controller to play on the mobile costs less than 30 euros
The GameSir G6 controller turns your mobile into a portable console

Players like to carry their digital games library everywhere. The game in the cloud is already a reality and allows you to play many compatible games on android mobile. Now you only need a controller to improve the experience and turn your device into a portable console. In AliExpress it is easy to find many models like this GameSir G6 controller that it costs only 27.62 euros because it has a big discount in the official store. The prices is the main advantage of buy on AliExpresswhere there are many Super Offers during these days.

That’s not all because this product is inside PLAZA, a section that guarantees fast shipping from USA, free and avoiding the fearsome customs. So you can get one of the best controls to play on mobile, since GameSir is a brand that has specialized in this type of peripheral. It doesn’t even need cables because it has wireless connection to play with total comfort and anywhere. Another advantage of AliExpress is the seller couponswith which you can save a little more money.

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However, the price of the GameSir G6 controller it’s already very cheap. It is a peripheral that can reach 50 euros, but you have it available for less than 30. It has a very peculiar desEsports Extrasthat GameSir has been improving, but this controller takes up very little space to take it on a trip. Then you will only have to connect to your game library to pass many hours playing.

GameSir G6 Controller for Android

Turn your mobile into a portable console with this remote control

GameSir G6 Android Controller

This GameSir controller only has controls on one side

Before buying a mobile controller, consider the connection, the compatibility with your mobile or its autonomy. GameSir has already thought of all that with a rather curious desEsports Extrasthat protect the mobile at the same time. It has only one extensible side that adapts perfectly to any mobile device and connects via Bluetooth technology. Of course, it is a remote compatible with mobiles with Android operating system.

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Many players already use a controller with these characteristics to multiplayer games very popular like Call of Duty or PUBG. Shooters need a special precision to defeat the rest of the players and take the victory. In that case, you can follow these Tips for playing Fortnite on mobile. And with the GameSir G6 controller you can have better controls with a analog stick and up to 10 buttons that can be configured.

This command is available in Various colors, being the most striking yellow. The mobile holds up well in the command structure itself and also has a couple of triggers at the top, imitating current portable consoles.

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GameSir G6 Controller for Android

Both in desEsports Extrasand price, it is a very attractive and useful to play video games on the mobile normally. The GameSir G6 controller costs only 27.62 euro on AliExpress, a ridiculous price that has a huge discount. It is a Super Offer that you cannot miss, especially if you want obtain the most of it to your mobile.

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