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This incredible Hera Syndulla cosplay celebrates the great reception that ‘Ahsoka’ is having

this incredible hera syndulla cosplay celebrates the great reception that

The Ahsoka series is being a great success and has such beloved characters as Syndulla. That’s why we have this amazing cosplay.

This incredible Hera Syndulla cosplay celebrates the great reception that 'Ahsoka' is having
Ahsoka and Syndulla teaming up in the new Disney+ series.

The new Star Wars series It is now available on Disney+ and currently you can see its first four episodes. The series is being a real success and viewers are already looking forward to the fifth episode, which will be one of the biggest in the ‘Ahsoka’ series, it will even be released in theaters. Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice returns to delight us with great adventures that try to prevent the return of the Empire.

More specifically, the return of the feared Grand Admiral Thrawn. Furthermore, preventing the Empire from regaining power also leads Ahsoka, Sabine and Syndulla to continue the search for their friend Ezra, who went to the same galaxy as the Grand Admiral. To show the love that people have for the series, great cosplays have been made and This one of Hera Syndulla and her droid Chopper are really impressive.

This is what Syndulla would look like in real life

The person in charge of offering us this incredible image has been the Twitter user Lauren. Below we will leave you the image so that you can appreciate the great work that this fan of Star Wars and the Ahsoka series has done. She though she seems like she clearly has a slight preference for Syndulla. We are not going to steal any more of your time, Enjoy the cosplay because it has no wasteboth hers and Chopper’s.


As you have been able to see in the photo that we have left just above, Lauren has managed to take care of every detail masterfully. The makeup, the clothes, the hair… Everything is done to perfection to give us the best Syndulla we have seen so far. Of course, your trusty droid has nothing to envy, as it is also incredibly made. The skill he had in creating this is great.

We remind you that ‘Ahsoka’ is now available on Disney+ and that it will be a series that Star Wars fans will like. We even have the appearance of Hayden Christensen giving life to the protagonist’s teacher: Anakin Skywalker. We’ll see what happens with this new story they’re telling us, but there’s no doubt that really important events are coming up in the Star Wars universe.


Ahsoka is being a complete novelty, since for the first time they will also travel to galaxies that have never been seen before, even outside of those already known in Star Wars. What he wants to offer us is really great.


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