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This is a mining farm for Bitcoin connected to a nuclear power plant


This is a mining farm for Bitcoin connected to a nuclear power plant

Well yes, although it seems incredible the world of cryptocurrencies, especially mining farms, is evolving towards a sector such as energy. The latter will blow you away, because Nautilus Cryptomine has signed an agreement with a nuclear power station to be supplied with its energy. But besides this, which is already revolutionary, the best thing is that the farm of mining It is located right next to the nuclear power plant, so you do not have to pay energy distribution and transmission taxes, since it has a direct connection between them.

As there is no distributor, the cost drops a lot and being nuclear energy it is considered clean, or green, as preferred. The Susquehanna plant has been chosen thanks to its power of 2.5 Esports Extraswattswhere the works for the mining farm began last year and have now been completed.

The first Bitcoin mining farm in the US connected to a nuclear power plant


The parent company behind this milestone is Cumulus Data, which in turn depends on Talen Energy, but the administration of said farm is left, as we have mentioned, to Nautilus Cryptomine, so it is an interesting group of companies to give life to a mammoth project. Above all, because if they do well, they plan to build more facilities in the area, where the capacity would be 10 times the current one.

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The farm measures no less than 27,000 square meters and has a capacity of 48 megawatts, but if the expansion occurs, it will go to no less than 475 watts total. This would result in the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in the world, moreover, all with green energy under its belt, also being the first in history that could do so.

But there is more, because in addition and seeing how cryptos are and their volatility, a large part of the land and farms would be used for services such as cloud computing, diversifying the company’s existing offer.

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The Crypto Mining Industry Goes Green


It has been a change in the sector that is fully expected, since in a few years the so-called carbon taxes for companies and individuals will arrive, so these companies are anticipating the change forced by governments due to the difficulty of mining. The future must be like this: a mining farm connected to a nuclear power plant or solar panels. It is the only thing that is truly sustainable in these energy terms.

It has recently been reported that the 67% of the current energy consumed by the cryptocurrency mining industry comes from renewable sources, and surely this number will gradually increase. The CEO of Cumulus Data was clear when starting the project last year, and he has expressed it this way:

“Our flagship Cumulus Susquehanna data center campus is positioned to welcome its first tenant and begin commercial operations this year. We look forward to advancing our mission to solve the energy ‘trilemma’ we define as growing consumer demand. zero-carbon, low-cost and reliable electricity for data center customers”

With the current zero energy supply, many would surely raise their voices if this occurred in Europe, since we are in the middle of an energy crisis, and this should be used for other types of industries. In the US they are lucky to be able to have enough energy for everyoneAlthough the price is higher, in other parts of the world you are not so lucky, but in any case, the US can already boast of having the first mining farm powered by a nuclear power plant.

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