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This is all the information Sony has to give Microsoft, including license agreements | we are xbox

The news about what happens between Microsoft and Sony to continue with the respective stages of regulation have been a daily occurrence in recent weeks. Many will remember when Microsoft demanded that Sony share documents relevant to the case, but the Japanese company refused and accused the technology giant of “obvious harassment.” Unfortunately for Sony Interactive, their claims have been denied. Because of this, We mention all the information that Sony has to give to Microsoftsince it could generate a great change in the industry.

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Recently, the FTC has shared a new report in response to requests from Sony to avoid showing certain documents, however, Judge Michael Chappell has responded to Sony’s request in the negative. Therefore, soon, Sony must share with Xbox the private PlayStation agreements that occurred from 2019 to the current date.

This is all the information Sony has to give Microsoft, including license agreements.

All the information that Sony has to give to Microsoft

As we see in tweet of @infrarogue89, Microsoft would be receiving very important documents from the exclusive agreements for PlayStation. In addition to revealing third-party exclusivity agreements, Sony will have to give up many of Jim Ryan’s internal emails, thus taking much of the Japanese company’s confidential and financial information. At the moment it is unknown if said information will be made fully publicbut it would not be uncommon for important details of the Sony deals to come to light in the coming weeks.

While we don’t currently know what the release of these documents may entail, we believe it could end endless years of abusive exclusivities on PlayStation platforms. All this as long as they are about IPs that are not fully owned by this oriental company. Either way, we could know the actual exclusivity agreements with third parties such as SEGA and SquareEnix. Although SEGA has begun to expand, Square seems to be closing in more and more on the Japanese platform.