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This is Dlffrent, the unexpected participant of Squid Craft Games 2

We had to wait a long time until the announcement of Squid Craft Games 2 participants. But finally the wait was worth it. Komanche, Rubius and ale They did a live show in which they announced to each and every one of the players that they will fight for the $100,000. Everything went “normally”, although always with the hype of each of the names. Clear, until we reach the announcement of the 200th participant.

Many speculated with whom it could be. Jimmy Donaldson”MrBeast» was one of the names that sounded the most, although there was talk of other big stars. In the end it wasn’t any of these people, but something completely unexpected happened. Komanche and Rubius entered a random channel of a user who had about 10 viewers. A streamer completely anonymous that you will be able to participate in the event and whose name is Dlffrent.

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Who is Dlfrent? The last participant of the Squid Craft Games 2

When they confirmed that this was going to be the procedure, accessed different Twitch channels. However, they discarded a few, either because of the type of content and even because they did not have the camera connected. Ultimately, Dlffrent was the chosen content creator. It’s about a streamer Latin American who, thanks to this election, He has made a leap in quality in his live shows.

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To date, Dlffrent averaged about 10 viewers per live. thanks to this push came to add more than 440 viewers. Not only that, but during the presentation of the event, that moment in which they chose him, he had more than 21k concurrent viewers, something that he himself did not believe. Following his discovery, Dlffrent has added more than 19K followers and even managed to reach almost 100 subscriptions.

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We’ll see what role he offers in Squid Craft Games 2 and if he manages to surprise. You’ll be playing alongside some of the biggest content creators in the world, so the pressure is something you’ll have to deal with.


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