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this is Elon Musk’s master plan for the world

We recently announced that Elon Musk and Tesla had been sued by shareholders, accused of lying about Autopilot and FSD. Precisely today or rather just 10 hours ago, Tesla has presented its event Tesla Investor Day 2023where they announce their news, what they are working on, their projects for the future and we will see Elon Musk’s Next “Master Plan”.

Tesla has been going through a rather complicated year 2022, where we could see how its shares went from $360 in April 2022 to $210 in May. Although the truth is that they then went up again to about $300 in September, but they started the year with a huge drop. In the last months of 2022 Tesla saw its shares plummet and in January 2023 they were barely worth just over 100 dollars. The company has faced multiple demands for your Autopilot system and we have even seen several accidents of their cars.


Tesla Investor Day 2023 and Elon Musk’s future plans

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Just a few hours ago, Elon Musk and the Tesla team have been in charge of publishing their Investor Day 2023. As we can see, it is a extremely long 4 hour video and if you want to see it in full, start from the minute 30 approximately. Among the news that we highlight is the announcement of the third part of Elon Musk’s Master Plan. In case we don’t know, this was first announced in August of 2006where a young Elon Musk presented his ideas of creating a sports car, affordable and electric.


At that time I had not created anything, he was not CEO of Tesla and it took two years for Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, to come out. From now on we already know how the company’s history was, where its future Tesla Model 3, S or X were much more successful. The second part was to create cars with sunroofs, and autonomous driving 10 times safer, something that was not fulfilled. Now we have before us the third part of his plan where he will focus on eliminate the use of fossil fuels and go to a sustainable energy system. We can summarize with that Elon Musk wants to create a “sustainable energy civilization”.

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They show an electric car that costs $1,000 to produce, Tesla Model 2?

Elon Musk stops focusing on Tesla cars and has wanted to give a global approach to what he wants to achieve. Musk and Tesla foresee that he will be needed 10 trillion dollars in investments to achieve this sustainable future with renewable energies as reported at Investor Day 2023. In addition, the Tesla CEO assures that we can expand energy storage capacity up to 240 TWhusing less than 30% of the planet’s nickel. Musk’s focus in this new Master Plan is no longer limited to cars, as he wants to implement the use of renewable energy in houses and homesin the industry and even in ships and planes.

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To achieve this, it announces several of the changes that will be necessary, such as the switch to electric vehicles. Here we can see that the vehicles that Tesla has created in recent years are shown, including the cyber truck. If we were expecting news about new cars, we are going to be disappointed, because all they show us are two models in production hidden under a cloth. Among these new generation vehicles, one of them particularly calls our attention, since everything indicates that it could be the Tesla Model 2.

It is true that aesthetically under the loom it appears to be a lower height sports carBut the important thing is in the details. Elon Musk announces that this next vehicle will use a 75% less silicon carbideyou will use any type of battery and best of all, you will have a production cost less than $1,000 by car.


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