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This is Goku’s most powerful transformation and it’s not the one you expect

The key is in Dragon Ball GT and in the confrontation against Baby.

Dragon Ball: This is Goku's most powerful transformation and it is not what you expect
Goku in his Ultra Instinct transformation

Dragon Ball is a franchise that if it has been characterized by something, it is by the fact of having fights and transformations as the central axisbeing so that although the fight of the Saiyans and their allies against all kinds of villains and antagonists have led them to have to gradually increase their powers in order to get stronger instantly.


Under this same premise, it is well known that the Super Saiyan is the most characteristic transformation of the series, even though they have yellow, red, blue or pink hair, there are many characters who have managed to have a great increase in his powersalthough it is not the only way to become stronger, since although it is iconic, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan have found another way through Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, and Beast transformation.

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The golden Ozaru would be Goku’s most powerful transformation

Under this same premise, as Screenrant has collected, it can be seen that there is a transformation that is Goku’s strongest and that it is neither Super Saiyan nor Ultra Instinct. In fact, it’s not the strangest transformation of Vegeta and Goku either. Quite the contrary, since in this case we have to go to the Ozaruor rather to one of its variants.


To put in context, this is a transformation that allows Saiyans to turn into giant apes with an overwhelming destructive power, being in fact the one they used to conquer planets calculating when there would be a full moon. Despite everything, the arrival of the Super Saiyan ended up making it obsolete, although that does not mean that can have enormous power.

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And this was seen in chapter 33 of the Dragon Ball GT anime (which is no longer canonical within the Dragon Ball universe), while in this we can see that Goku transformed into Golden Ozaru, which is characterized by having unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan, which makes it much more powerful than the original transformation. In fact, this is something that the anime itself demonstrated, since Baby fled from combat not being able to face Goku, who minutes before was in Super Saiyan 3 without even being able to touch the android.

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In fact, to have more evidence of this enormous power, we can see that during the confrontation between Baby and Goku in Super Saiyan 4, he did not run away, which could be a sEsports Extrasthat he saw himself with the possibility of defeating him. Now, if we go by intelligence, it is clear that Super Saiyan 4 is superior, but when it comes to brute force, Golden Ozaru would be the most powerful transformation. That said, we would have to see what the potential of an Ozaru in Ultra Instinct.

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